Mar 182016
Deaf Woman Hears For First Time, Then Her Boyfriend Proposes

The Internet has seen plenty of emotionally powerful videos of hearing impaired people hearing for the first time thanks to a brand new cochlear implant. But this video is extra special. 

After Andrea Diaz had her cochlear implant turned on at the doctor’s office, she naturally became quite emotional after hearing for the first time. But she was in for an even bigger surprise when her boyfriend proposed to her right there in the office!


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Mar 062015
Father Of Four Hears Silence For The First Time

There are now countless emotional and powerful videos of people of all ages hearing for the first time thanks to new cochlear implant hearing aid technology. Somewhen Productions has taken this concept and hilariously spoofed by featuring a father of four who apparently “hears silence” for the first time when a technician screams at his kids to shut up. Naturally, he breaks down in tears when he finally experiences peace and quiet. 

The Internet is loving this parody which has instantly gone viral as the weekend begins. 

Be forewarned, the tech drops some adult language to get the kids quiet. 


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Jul 012014
Man Hears For The First Time Short Film Is Not What You Expect

The Internet is peppered with countless emotional and powerful videos of deaf people hearing for the first time thanks to advances in cochlear ear implants. This cochlear ear implant video by Deer Prom starts off like the rest. But it quickly diverges into some seriously dark humor


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Mar 272014
The Moment Deaf Woman Hears For First Time Will Warm Your Heart

Joanne Milne suffers from Usher Syndrome, a rare disease that left her deaf since birth and even took her sight in her twenties. 

Thanks to the power of science, she has just regained some hearing with the help of a cochlear implant.

British news channel Birmingham Mail News posted the powerful moment, originally uploaded online by Joanne’s friend Tremayne Crossley, when she hears for the first time at the clinic, and naturally breaks down in tears. 

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Mar 172013

Cochlear Implants are amazing, relatively new technology that gives certain hearing-impaired people the ability to hear in a very real sense by replacing the hair cells that do not work in the inner ear with special hardware. 

The Internet‘s viral video world was first introduced to the power of the implant when then-deaf Sarah Churman heard for the first time in an emotional viral video from 2011. That video currently stands with over 16 million views

Now Catherine Arnold‘s 26 year old deaf niece Amy has gone viral after this touching six month old video of her first experience with her new cochlear implant started making the round online this weekend. 

Amy has never heard her parents or her son before her implant and now she finally can hear her little six year old boy yell, “Hi mom!” 

Ironically, it’s the little things in life that we often take for granted that are the most magical.


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