Oct 082015
Giant Traffic Jam In China Is Insane

Everyone hates getting stuck in traffic, especially when they are late for work or an appointment. But you have no idea just how good we have it here. In China, simple things like a regular traffic jam can become an uncontrollable monster. Just check out this footage of an insane traffic jam in China. This video was published by Sploid, and has gone viral with over 1.5 million views!


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May 092015
Daredevils Climb Skyscraper In Shenzhen, China

The daredevils of On The Roofs went viral over a year ago when they climbed a 650 meter tall tower in Shanghai. That video has over 41 million views! Now, the daring Russians are back with a new video of their latest adventure. The group climbed a financial center in Shenzhen that is under construction and will soon be the second tallest building in the world at 660 meters tall. 


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Mar 232015
OK Go Star In Visually Stunning Chinese Commercial

Rock band OK Go were one of the first musicians to leverage the power of YouTube and make a viral music video. Even the Chinese have heard about their visually stunning music videos. Chinese furniture store Red Star Macalline was so impressed, they invited the band to star in a gorgeous music video commercial that is beyond trippy. The visuals are guaranteed to blow you away. 


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Mar 112015
Chinese Bubble Artist Will Blow Your Mind

Blowing bubbles is fun for kids of all ages. You just dip the bubble stick into the soapy solution and blow. How complicated can bubbles be? Chinese bubble artist 蘇仲太 proves that blowing bubbles isn’t just for kids. The amazing bubble artist performs bubble art that seems to border on the impossible, such as blowing 15 bubbles within each other and chaining together 30 bubbles.

He even holds two Guinness World records for his amazing bubble tricks. Kuma Films had the privilege to travel to Taipei, Taiwan and created this epic video of the master showing off his skills. 


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