Feb 052015
Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time

It’s hard to find authentic Chinese food in America. Most Chinese restaurants in the US offer American-Chinese food, a unique cuisine only inspired by Chinese food. Fortune cookies don’t even exist in China. So what do real Chinese people think of Panda Express, the epitome of American-Chinese food? BuzzFeed wanted to find out, so they held a delicious Panda Express taste test. 


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Nov 192014
Tightest Parallel Parking Job Ever Completed By Chinese Driver

Every time a world record is set, contestants try again to break that record. It was only in 2012 when Chinese professional driver Han Yue broke the record for tightest parallel parking, squeezing into a parking spot so small, there was only 15 cm of extra space. Now, Guinness World Records reports that Yue has broken his own record, somehow perfectly parking his Mini 3 door hatchback in between two cars with only 8 cm, or 3.15 inches, of wiggle room. 


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Nov 082014
Chinese Chicken Themed Pop Song Will Have You Asking WTF

Americans are used to seeing ridiculous music videos and anime from Japan. But now China is getting in on the action. This ridiculous Chinese music video has gone viral in the English speaking world after Chinese pop music group Mainland China CPOP posted the clip on YouTube. The video features girls dressed as chickens singing and squawking and already has over 2.5 million hits! WTF indeed. The worst part? It’s actually kinda catchy. 


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Oct 202014
Cute Pandas Don’t Want To Take Their Medicine

Pandas are already considered the cutest type of bears. This is proven yet again in this trending video from China’s CCTV News. When China’s pandas get sick they need to be given medicine like any other animal. But just like kids, pandas really don’t like taking their medicine. So when a zookeeper tries to administer the medicine the cute bears make it as difficult as possible. 


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Oct 092014
Daredevils Climb Digital Billboard In Hong Kong And Upload In Their Own Video

Remember when a crew of daredevils from On The Roofs climbed the 650 meter tall Shaghai Tower? That viral video stands with over 35 million hits! While visiting Hong Kong, the daredevils struck again, climbing onto an extremely high digital billboard and even hacking the video stream with their GoPro footage. 


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