Oct 282013
Horror Trailer For Mock Wes Anderson Show

Film director Wes Anderson has a style and design few can duplicate. But can Wes employ his one of a kind screenwriting to make a horror movie?

NBC‘s Saturday Night Live attempted to prove that, yes, he can with this mock trailer for a hypothetical horror movie starring Owen Wilson, played by guest host Edward Norton, and Gwyneth Paltrow. 

The fake trailer is going viral as the work week begins, and is featured on Atlantic, Time, and HuffPost


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Oct 282013
John Cleese Explains The Difference Between Serious And Solemn

This older clip posted online by Ted Chen in 2012 has only gone viral now, garnering over 400,000 news views.

In the video, actor John Cleese explains the difference between being serious and being solemn

He explains that one can laugh during serious conversations about life and family, and that humor can actually enhance the discussion. Solemnity, on the other hand, really isn’t helpful at all, even during times of gloom.  


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Oct 282013
Beyonce Goes Skyjumping In New Zealand

After being treated to an honorary Haka dance, world famous pop superstar Beyonce went skyjumping in Auckland, New Zealand.

Naturally, she took a camera with her during her very speedy decent down the 192 meter sky-tower.   

 “This is awesome!”


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Oct 272013
If It Bleeds We Can Kill It

‘Governator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger has again gone viral with a super short clip that online viewers can’t help but ‘like’ and share.

In the ten second video, Arnold holds an apparently bleeding leaf, and dramatically explains, “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

Over the weekend, the video has managed to amassed over 2 million hits!


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Oct 262013
Beyonce Honored With Haka Dance In New Zealand

The Haka is the traditional war dance of the Māori people meant to intimidate the enemy, or to honor distinguished guests. 

After world famous superstar Beyonce performed in Auckland, the New Zealand All Blacks rugby teamed honored her with an intense Haka that was so powerful, B couldn’t help but jump into the dance. 


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