May 292013

Relatively new YouTube channel Face Mashups specializes in mashing up and swapping celebrity faces. Their newest mash up of Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise from their now famous scene from A Few Good Men has already turned out to be their most popular, amassing over 60,000 view in one day. 


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May 282013

Though not as viralviral as Thift Shop, Macklemore’s second single Can’t Hold Us is still a relative hit, standing with over 42 million views.

Small time musician Stonys World has almost perfectly recreated the hit song with real life looping, seemingly ‘playing’ the song from all the real life sounds he makes as he settles down after a drive. 


Thanks Stony!

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May 282013

Ed Milliondaire ripped this short clip from the last Spurs-Grizzlies game on Saturday. In the video that has already been viewed over 600,000 times, Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs seems to suddenly realize that he has arms. Truly an amazing epiphany. 

The clip is covered on Deadspin, USAToday, YahooSports, and DoobyBrain


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May 272013

Made Man went viral back in April with video of celebrity guest Alison Brie imitating popular Internet memes. That month old video stands with over 875,000 views.

Their latest guest was Donald Faison, who is most famous for playing the roll of JD’s best friend Turk on the sitcom Scrubs.

As Donald played a doctor for so long, host Paul Tomkins tested his real life medical vocabulary after their extended interview in a fun Internet game to see how much stuck from all those days in the studio. 


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May 262013

Will Smith is on a viral video roll online. He and his son Jaden just went viral after rapping on the Graham Norton Show. 

Now, this video taken by Carlo Garganese has instantly gone viral. The clip features Will Smith at the Champions Festival before the 2013 UCL final attempting to score a penalty kick.

Not only didn’t he score, but he mis-kicked and was “just a little wide,” causing the crowd to erupt in laughter.

“That was worse than Diane Ross’s penalty,” says the cameraman. 

At least Jaden’s shot had to be deflected by the keeper. 


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