Mar 082013

NSFW Warning – language 

Justin Bieber isn’t just an American or Canadian pop star. He’s famous world wide. And that means there are few and far between places that he can go in public without being harrassed by the paps. 

Recently, in London, England, Bieber was trying to walk from a building to his van when he was of course surrounded by the paparazzi. A minor altercation emerged, and one camera started insulting the pop star. 

That made Justin’s blood boil, enough so that he jumped out the his van, screaming, “The f*** you say? What’d you say? I’ll beat the…”

Luckily, Justin’s body guard pushed him back into the van before anything seriously escalated. 


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Mar 072013

Wow, is Hollywood late to the party. Only now has the cast of the CW‘s thriller Supernatural starred in their very own Harlem Shake.

Nevertheless, the fans love it. Already, their new iteration of the HS meme has collected over one million views in just one day. 


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Mar 062013

A little over a decade ago, now non-existent on the pop radar Aaron Carter released his one and only hit single That’s How I Beat Shaq. It’s a fun nostalgic song for those who remember it, but that’s about it. 

So why is AC back on the scene? Because Shaq wants some sweet revenge for being embarrassed so long ago. Thankfully, Tru TV was more than happy to set up a rematch between the two stars

As the Klingons say, “bortaS bIr jablu’DI’ reH QaQqu’ nay,” or, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

And Shaq is hungry. 


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Mar 062013

Chris Stark of Scott Mills’ show on BBC Radio 1 had the very special opportunity to interview the beautiful and famous Mila Kunis. He was understandably nervous, and visibly so. 

But Mila was super nice and welcoming. Chris even asked her, “Am I doing alright so far?” To which she answered, “You’re doing fantastic.”

Then, she gave Chris a little bit of a pep talk. “How ya feeling? It’s not that bad, it’s not that scary.”

Now, the video interview has caught viral fire, amassing over 1.5 million views in just one day. It is also featured on NewsAU, DailyBeast, Guyism, and Vulture


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Mar 052013

The BNP Paribas Tennis Showdown was just held in Manhattan, New York City. Just for fun, professional tennis player Rafael Nadal asked celebrity in the stands Ben Stiller to join him for a few volleys while playing Juan Martin Del Potro.

Juan also picked a fan from the fans as his teammate. A random little girl. Viewers expected the audience to side with the little girl, but no one expected her to perform so well. 

The adorable match was caught on camera by Romi Cvitkovic, and now the video is going viral. 


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