Jul 222013

Comedic band Paul and Storm performed their goofy song Write Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin) on stage at the W00tstock 5.0 event at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con. As its title suggests, the song pokes fun at nerd favorite author George R.R. Martin.

But in the middle of their performance, GRRM himself slowly walked onto the stage. The drummer quickly ran, but the lead guitarist didn’t notice him until it was too late.

GRRM simply took the guitar, dropped it on the ground, and stomped it to piece, causing the crowd to cheer louder and louder. 

Veronica Belmont caught the whole scene on camera, and now her YouTube video has gone viral. It has already garnered more than 350,000 views over the weekend. 


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Jul 202013

Kevin Rose, the infamous co-creator of Digg, has just published this security camera video that has instantly caught the viralviral bug. 

In the short clip, Kevin prefaces with the background information that around 1:00 AM he heard his dog crying out for help. He ran outside to discover a wild raccoon attacking his pup Toaster. 

Kevin immediately sprung into action, grabbing the attacking raccoon and literally throwing it down the stairs. He says he does not encourage animal violence, but did what he had to do. 


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Jul 202013

Any regular viewer of Late Night knows that Jimmy Fallon is absolutely obsessed with nostalgia from the 90’s.

As a huge fan of the 90’s favorite Full House, Jimmy was able to schedule a reunion of Uncle Jesse’s TV band Jesse & The Rippers on his show. 

John Stamos finally had the opportunity to put down the yogurt spoon and pick up the guitar again to perform a slew of classic FH tunes in this new viral video.  


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Jul 172013

Comedian Mark Malkoff caught a lot of attention while on the streets of New York City recently. Of course, what grown man being carried in a front baby carrier wouldn’t grab even the attention of New Yorkers?

The fact that he was being carried by 30 Rock famous Grizz Chapman was the extra viral icing on the cake, as the new video has quickly scooped up over 100,000 hits


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Jul 162013

Remember Carly Rae Jepsen? Like most people, you were probably sure you’d never hear of the Call Me Maybe famous Canadian again after her obnoxious yet catchy one hit wonder finally faded. 

She has since resurfaced after Fox Sports video of her terrible opening pitch went viral since Sunday. Now, the clip has garnered over 3 million hits


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