Sep 102013
Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Music Video

Controversial pop princess Miley Cyrus is back in the center stage after debuting her new racy music video. After stripping down to just her undies on the VMA’s, Miley took the final step off the stairway of self-respect and revealed it all in Wrecking Ball

Instantly, her music video has exploded online. It as already amassed over 17 million views in just one day, though the reviews are mixed, with nearly half of viewers disapproving of the video. 


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Sep 102013
Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Worst Twerk Fail Ever Where Girl Catches Fire Is FAKE

You can’t trust anything anymore these days.

Exactly a week ago, no name YouTuber Caitlin Heller posted video of titled Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire, which showcases… a girl twerking and falling on a candle in her dorm room who then catches fire. 

The video caught viral fire as well, garnering over 9 million views

But alas, it was too good to be true. Though the video has been covered by countless ‘legitimate’ news sources, Jimmy Kimmel Live has just announced that it was all an act.

The video was a fake, and the girl was a professional stunt-woman. Now, can we please leave this in the past and move on? 

Ya, these are the types of antics that are ruining the web. 


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Sep 092013
Eminem Weirds Out During Halftime Of Notre Dame vs. Michigan

Detroit rapper Eminem has been trending over the weekend for his peculiar behavior while on ESPN during the halftime of the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game.

While promoting this new single Berzerk, Marshal went back to his roots of messing with TV personalities while on live television. This clip from Saturday has already garnered over 800,000 hits!


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Sep 072013
Jimmy Fallon And Ariana Grande Sing Jazzy Broadway Covers Of Rap Songs

Jimmy Fallon loves performing and covering all types of music on his Late Night program.

So when actress, singer, and songwriter Ariana Grande visited Jimmy, the two covered some popular rap songs, such as Thrift Shop and Insane in the Membrane. With a jazzy Broadway musical twist! 


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Sep 072013
‘Bieber 2051′ Movie Trailer On Jimmy Kimmel

We’ve all been waiting for it for years now. When is Justin Bieber finally going to fall to the sidelines and crash and burn?

Finally, after a slew of negative headlines, it seems JB has finally hit his peak.

In anticipation of his inevitable demise, Jimmy Kimmel Live guest Jim O’heir, most famous for his role as Jerry on Parks and Rec, starred in this mock trailer for the Bieber burn out movie of the future, Bieber 2051.

This movie would make so much if it ever hit the big screen…


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