Feb 272014
Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore Perfmr The Every 10 Years Love Song On The Tonight Show

It seems about every ten years Adam Sandler stars in a new romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore.

And the two have noticed. 

In that honor, the two performed a special movie love song together on The Tonight Show, appropriately called the The Every 10 Years Song.



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Feb 262014
Seth Rogen’s Opening Statement Before Senate Hearing On Alzheimer’s Disease

Seth Rogen is a popular Hollywood actor and comedian, but he put (most of) the jokes and giggles to the side to testify before a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services concerning Alzheimer’s Research.

C-SPAN published this video of Seth’s opening statement for the hearing in which he tells the touching story about his in-laws and their struggle with the dementia disease. 


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Feb 262014
Jimmy Fallon And Paul Rudd Have A Lip Sync Battle

Jimmy Fallon has held lip sync battles on his Late Night show before. And as he has been demonstrating, he’s bringing all of his best gags and skits from Late Night to The Tonight Show. 

Last night, Jimmy brought the lip sync battle back, and challenged his guest Paul Rudd to a duel

Naturally, the video has instantly gone viral. 


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Feb 222014
Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Perform History Of Rap 5

Jimmy Fallon is on a roll. 

He’s been reintroducing all of his best skits and gags from Late Night on The Tonight Show over the past week, so when viewers saw Justin Timberlake on the roster they knew what to expect. 

History Of Rap 5!


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