Jul 022015
Channing Tatum Busts 7 Dance Moves In 30 Seconds

As most of his fans already know, Hollywood hotty Channing Tatum’s new movie Magic Mike XXL just debuted in time for this holiday weekend. In that honor, fashion mag Vanity Fair invited the famous celeb to perform some dance movies, seven to be exact, in just half a minute. Naturally, Tatum’s fans have helped this video instantly go viral with over 1.5 million hits!


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Jul 022015
Stephen Colbert Takes Over Michigan Public Access Television

Fans of Stephen Colbert are stuck in a hard place. The Colbert Report has ended now that Stephen is taking over the Late Show on CBS. But that won’t start until the fall. To hold fans over, Stephen Colbert has been posting viral videos every now and then. He just posted this hilarious extended, full length video in which unexpectedly he hosted a public access television show in Monroe, Michigan. He even interviewed Eminem! 


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Jun 262015
Adorable Three Year Old Parodies Shia LeBouf

Remember when actor Shia LeBouf went viral a month ago after footage from a unique motivational speech began to spread like wildfire across the Web? Like so many others, Tingman was inspired to make a parody of the video, so he had his adorable three year old daughter recreate Shia’s speech word for word. So cute!


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Jun 252015
Channing Tatum And Jimmy Fallon Reenact Scenes Written By Elementary School Kids

There’s no doubt that Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum, is not a movie for kids. So Jimmy Fallon asked elementary school kids what they thought a movie named Magic Mike would be about and had them write out their ideas. Then Jimmy and Channing reenacted the scenes on The Tonight Show in this viral clip


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Jun 232015
Seth MacFarlane And Jimmy Fallon Perform Hilarious Celebrity Impressions

Comedian Seth McFarlane is of course famous for creating Family Guy and Ted. He is truly a master of voices and impersonations. While visiting Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring, the two had some fun by performing celebrity impersonations while talking about random topics, such as Uber, cable television, and mirrors. 


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