Mar 172016
Little Girl And Her Pet Duck Are The Cutest

Sure, kittens and puppies are cute, but there’s just something special about Ducklings. Perhaps it’s because they are more rare as pets than cats and dogs. That’s what makes this CBS Sunday Morning report, about a five year old and her best friend pet duck, so adorable. 


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Oct 062015
Man Who Saved Baby Reunites With Her 58 Years Later

While hunting in Southern Indiana as a teenager with his grandpa in 1955, Dave Hickman heard a strange noise uncommon for the woods. He knew he had to find out what it was. After further investigation, he found a baby girl! Nearly six decades later, CBS This Morning reports that he reunited with the baby he saved. This story was published in 2014, but it has only gone viral now with over one million new views!


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Apr 032014
David Letterman Announces His Retirement from the Late Show

A new generation of television is here. Jimmy Fallon just recently took over the legendary Tonight Show on NBC after Jay Leno stepped down

Now, David Letterman has just announced that he’s retiring from the CBS late night competition, Late Show, around 2015. 

The question is, does anyone really care? More importantly, who will replace him?


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Nov 042013
Dad Builds Son Prosthetic Hand With 3-D Printer

Leon McCarthy was born missing his fingers on his left hand because of restrictive blood flow in the womb.

But with the help of a relatively cheap 3-D printer, and an inventor on the Internet, his father Paul was able to build him a homemade prosthetic hand for a fraction of what a medical one would have cost.

Michelle Miller of CBS Evening News made this enthralling report about Leon, his dad, and his new special hand. 


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Feb 142013

Back in the 60’s, CBS had an interesting show about the exciting future, The 21st Century, hosted by the famous TV personality of the time Walter Cronkite.

Matt Novak has gotten hold of a few vintage clips from the classic show, and posted this Walter Cronkite in the Home Office of 2001 video a month ago that now stands with over a quarter million hits

In the video, Cronkite tours the then futuristic home of the 21st century. Amazingly, many of the predictions from forty years ago, such as how home offices would be equipped with multiple screens that offer instant access to weather, stocks, news, entertainment, and more, have obviously come to fruition. 

The video is reminiscent of the AT&T commercials of the 90’s that also correctly prophesied our contemporary world.  

Read more on Smithsonian.


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