Dec 142015
Cat Really Hates Stumped Animal Tiger Toy

It’s a known fact that cats can be very finicky pets. Some cats love other pets, such as dogs and even birds. But other cats don’t even want other cats in their domain. This cat is so territorial, it can’t help but swat a stuffed animal tiger toy.

This video has instantly gone viral with over 600,000 views


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Dec 112015
Mother Cat With Kittens Play With Dog

Dogs and cats hate each other, right? At least that’s what the old fable claims. But why focus on what divides us instead of what brings us all together? This video by Ignoramusky demonstrates just that. 

They caught this precious video of a mother cat with her kittens playing with a neighborhood dog. This clip has instantaneous gone viral with over 2 million views!


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Dec 072015
Cat Body Slams Kid In The Snow

The Internet already knows very well that, though they are loved, cats can be ruthless. How many videos are there of cats knocking a glass of water off the edge of table are there? Too many to count. But this cat has taken knocking things over the max. Just watch as this frisky feline literally body slams a little girl walking in the snow. Good thing she was wearing an extra big and fluffy winter coat. But seriously, sign this cat up for the WWE! This clip has gone viral with over 900,000 views!


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Nov 252015
Mountain Lion Returned To Forest After Being Freed From Circus

Wild animals have been banned from circuses in Peru, but for a while most circuses were defiant. Slowly but surely, Animal Defenders International tracked down those who broke the law and freed the animals. Finally, they were able to free Mufasa the mountain lion and release the great cat back into the forest. This video has gone viral with over 1.75 million views!


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Nov 172015
Cats Spooked By Cucumbers

Cats are funny creatures. The oddest things can put a cat over the edge. And apparently, cucumbers are one of those things. MrFunnyMals made this ridiculous compilation of cats literally freaking out over cucumbers. 

This video already has over 1.3 million views


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