Jun 052015
New Yorkers And Angelenos Imitate Each Other

There are few rivalries in the world as strong as the West Coast and the East Coast. Naturally, New York City leads the East while Los Angeles leads the West. Now that Jimmy Kimmel Live is visiting New York, he decided to hit the streets to learn a little bit more about this rivalry and asked New Yorkers and Angelenos to imitate each other


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Mar 152015
Lying Fools Agree With Made Up News About Obama

Jimmy Kimmel loves sending his camera crew to Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles to prove that most strangers will agree with anything you say as long as there is a camera rolling. In honor of the fact that he was hosting President Barack Obama, Jimmy sent his crew to ask strangers about made up ‘facts’ about the president. The fact that so many people agree and lie about nonsense shouldn’t be too surprising at this point. 


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Dec 212014
Noodles Around The World Will Make Your Mouth Water

Actress and foodie Lynn Chen teamed up with BuzzFeed to try as many different pasta and noodle dishes from around the world without ever leaving the greater Los Angeles area. Lynn started her search bright and early at 9:20 AM to try some delicious Thai noodles for breakfast. Things only get yummier from there as she tries Italian, Greek, Peruvian, Vietnamese, and finally Korean pasta. 


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Dec 182014
Hamburger With Mac And Cheese Bun Is Heaven

Sure it’s a million calories, but who cares? Apparently a mad scientist chef at Muncheese in Torrance, California has invented a new hamburger bun made of… mac and cheese! That’s right, reports Food Beast! They make a super cheesy mac that would be delicious on its own, and then batter, bread, and fry it until golden brown. Then, they stuff a juicy burger with all the fixings, and more cheese, in between the mac-buns. Um, can you say heaven? YUM!!


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Nov 242014
Demonstration How To Make Margherita Pizza Will Make You Hungry

Margherita pizza is considered by many to be the original pizza. Videographer Joanne Martinez visited the Bantam Restaurant in Santa Cruz, California to document how they make their delicious Margherita pizza. This relaxing video is guaranteed to stir your appetite, and has gone viral over the weekend with over 250,000 hits!


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