Sep 192015
Dry Ice Bubbles Are Super Cool

Most people have seen the very cool effects of dry ice already in science class or online. A common trick professors like to do to engage their students is to dip a banana into the super cold carbon dioxide and then using the super hard banana as a hammer. The Crazy Russian Hacker shows viewers another super cool experiment to try by making smokey dry ice bubbles


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Mar 112015
Chinese Bubble Artist Will Blow Your Mind

Blowing bubbles is fun for kids of all ages. You just dip the bubble stick into the soapy solution and blow. How complicated can bubbles be? Chinese bubble artist 蘇仲太 proves that blowing bubbles isn’t just for kids. The amazing bubble artist performs bubble art that seems to border on the impossible, such as blowing 15 bubbles within each other and chaining together 30 bubbles.

He even holds two Guinness World records for his amazing bubble tricks. Kuma Films had the privilege to travel to Taipei, Taiwan and created this epic video of the master showing off his skills. 


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Jun 182014
Giant Bubbles Popping in Super Slow Motion

Now that it’s finally summer time it’s time to play outside. And there are few things as fun as playing with bubbles in the summer. Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys grabbed their super slow motion camera to capture the magic of giant bubbles in slow motion. Just beautiful! 


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May 122014
Blowing Bubbles At People At Walmart Prank

If you were shopping at Walmart and suddenly saw bubbles you might assume you’re going crazy. That’s the idea behind prankster Jack Vale‘s latest gag. He went to Walmart and, as inconspicuously as possible, blew bubbles behind other shoppers. Their reactions are simply hilarious. 


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Jan 252014
Instant Freeze Giant Bubbles

The Web went gaga over freezing bubbles as the country was smothered in a chilly polar vortex. 

Science channel Night Hawk In Light has taken the concept to the next level by creating giant bubbles outside in the bitter cold. 

The result? The giant bubbles freeze into wispy shreds of frozen soap in seconds. 


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