Apr 232013

NSFW Warning language 

First days are tough, be it the first day of Kindergarten, high school, or work. Everyone gets a little nervous, but few have the butterflies like AJ Clemente.

The fresh anchor from the east coast was barely on the air for a second before nervously cursing under his breath that was caught by a hot mic. His co-anchor couldn’t help but get tongue tied as well. 

Mkrogen downloaded the news clip and posted it on YouTube, and now in just one day the clip has been seen over one million times

That’s embarrassing. Already, he has been fired, reports ABCNews, and has tweeted, “Rookie mistake. I’m a free agent.Cant help but laugh at myself and stay positive.Wish i didnt trip over my “Freaking Shoes” out of the gate.”



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Apr 192013

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is well known for his speed in the water, but his interview skills, they could do with a little work. Recently, he was a guest on Fox 29‘s morning show and somewhat struggled through the questions. 

After the interview, the hosts spent a good minute and a half laughing at and mocking Ryan. 


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Mar 212013

Mississippi recently experienced serious hail, with some ice balls falling from the sky as big as tennis balls. Texas has also been hit by hail.

As per local media standard operating procedures, the NBC 2 news crew set out to find the most quirky witnesses to ask about their experience. 

They found a woman who did not disappoint. 

It was like KABOOYA! I ran to the restroom and called my mama to see if she was alright.”

Viewers can’t help but be reminded of Sweet Brown. “Ain’t nobody got time for hail like that!”


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Mar 202013

Last week was International Women’s Day. To commemorate, Local Fox CT reported how women were the focus in Washington for the day. But the report was upstaged by the b-roll file footage that was being played at the same time that seemed to only focus on the breasts of women walking in the city.

Even the female anchor seemed to have noticed the footage being played was inappropriate for what she was saying, as she awkwardly paused in the middle of her report.

CT Blogger recorded and uploaded the news clip to YouTube, and now the week old video stands with over 2.2 million views

The network has since tweeted an apology that no one is buying. Read more on Slate, HyperVocal, and HuffPost


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Mar 132013

John Downer Productions and the BBC have just finished taping for Penguins – Spy in the Huddle. The editors soon learned “it’s not easy being a penguin,” as they witnessed countless adorable slips, falls, and tumbles when sifting through footage for the penguin special. 

Just for fun, John Downer Prod made this cute compilation of the best penguin fails, falls, and bloopers from their hours of footage.


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