Jul 252013

For some reason, news anchors seem to keep repeating the same mistake of drawing a picture reminiscent of genitalia during the weather or traffic report.

But this reporter from ABC 12 almost seems to draw a phallus on purpose. Now, countless copies of the blooper video have appeared across the web, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. 


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Jul 012013

This three year video by Chicago news channel WGN has just gone viral now, appearing on the YouTube homepage. As every YouTube viewer knows, people love video bombing news reporters in the wild. 

News reporter Pat Tomasulo is finally getting revenge for all bloopers and video-bombs he and his peers have endured over the years. While reporting at the mall, he was naturally peppered with goofy ‘funny-guys’ bombing behind his professional report. 

He made sure his producer pointed the pranksters out each time, and quickly enticed them with an offer to be on live television.

Little did the bombers know that Pat was going to ask them horribly embarrassing questions, such as asking a group of guys what color panties they were wearing or asking a very non-pregnant woman when she was due. 


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Jun 222013

A giant spider appearing on the monitor made meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Canadian news channel Global BC literally jump.

And who could blame her?

The spider on the camera lens was projected to gigantic size directly above her theoretical head. The other news anchors couldn’t understand why she couldn’t regain her composure, and now her reaction is going viral.


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Jun 142013

News anchors messing up their lines is always cause for laughter on the Internet. The latest news blooper to go viral is from a Minneapolis channel 5 news report and was posted online by hoti0101

While attempting to say, “I pledge allegiance to the flag,” the anchor dropped the ‘L’ in ‘flag,’ and embarrassed himself good.

Oops. Just look at those ‘deer in the headlights’ eyes. 

Now, the clip has been seen over 750,00 times in just two days. 


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