Jun 102011

The Black Eyed Peas performed with European artist, Stromae, mixing their songs, Alors On Danse and Don’t Stop The Party. At 1:00 into the video, you can see Will I Am looking at his phone while he raps. The only explanation is that he’s either checking his Ebay bidding or he’s reading his own lyrics online. The video is featured on GadgetBox.


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May 252011

There are so many wedding dance videos online, it’s overwhelming. But this father daughter dance at her wedding sticks out of the crowd.Bill Lavin starts dancing with his daughter Brooke to slow, romantic music, as per usual. But then the Black Eyed Peas music cuts in, and the two start to drop some serious dance moves.


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May 142011

says that everyday at 7:30 in the afternoon, she hears the neighbors blasting the Black Eyed Peas. Finally, she investigated the matter and her boyfriend recorded the action. They found their neighbor sword dancing or something with two sticks. It looks like he’s acting as an air traffic controller.


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Mar 292011

Bad Lip Reading takes pop songs and changes the lyrics to be ridiculous, but still fit the song’s music video. Instead of ‘boom, boom,’ how about, ‘poop, poop?’ The Black Eyed Peas sing Everybody Poops. It’s actually a song that’s fitting of them.

CLICK HERE for the Bad Lip Reading version of Rebecca Black’s Friday!!

Via Urlesque

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