May 172015
Apprehensive Chicken Hugs Boy After Making Sure It’s Really Him

With animals, communication is all done through body language. After getting a hair cut, little Mason came home and wanted to say hi to his favorite chicken. But the chicken wasn’t too sure at first. That’s not the same boy I remember the chicken seemed to be saying after slipping out of Mason’s arms. But after taking a closer, the chicken realized it was her good friend and went back in for a nice big hug


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May 092015
Guy Catches Crow Sneaking Up On Him

Conor McCarthy was sitting outside enjoying the windy day when he noticed a crow behind him. But the thing was, whenever he turned around to check the bird out, the crow would jump back and try to act inconspicuous. So Conor took out his phone and recorded the crow quietly sneaking up on him. This video has instantly gone viral with over one million hits!


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May 082015
Pigeons Are Underrated

In big cities today, pigeons are considered annoying pests that poop on clean cars and overpopulate the parks and squares. But it didn’t used to be that way. Pigeons used to be considered prestigious pets and were even used during war to send messages. 

Vox explains the interesting history of pigeons in this educational video


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Apr 042015
Driver Smashes Into Turkey On Highway

Scary Monstarr was driving down the highway on Thursday and had a rather unfortunate encounter with a wild turkey. While travelling at 95 mph while passing a semi-truck, a wild turkey ran across the road. The driver had no time to react and hit it directly head on

Thankfully, they were all OK inside the car, but their windshield was smashed pretty badly


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Mar 232015
Kind Passerby Rescues Lost Baby Bird And Reunites The Bird Family

Patrick Smith was out on a smoke break when he heard a peeping, chirping sound coming from the bushes. Upon further investigation, he found a baby bird stuck in a PVC pipe. He saved the bird and returned the little guy back to mommy and daddy. Awww.  


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