Nov 112013
Dropping Popcorn By Sunbathers To Attract Birds Prank

The beach is always good fun. Except for those annoying seagulls that swarm any open food. They seem to be especially fond of snack food, such as chips or popcorn. 

So for their latest collaborative prank, Roman AtwoodDennisRoady, and The Dudesons quietly poured popcorn around the vicinity of napping sunbathers at the beach, and giggled away as the seagulls attacked


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Oct 272013
Baby Duck Slide Play On Water Slide

Twicebaked posted this adorable video of baby ducklings playing on a mini-water slide at the South Carolina state fair back in 2011, but the video has only gone viral online now!

The precious clip has amassed over 400,000 new views over the weekend, and has appeared on Arbroath, HuffPost, and DailyPicks


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Oct 272013
Flock Of Ducks Invade CVS

YouTuber Aplue was shopping at CVS when “there was an incident.”

A flock of ducks somehow found their way into the popular drugstore chain, and invaded.

A pharmacist can be seen attempted to herd the ducks out of the store with a Swiffer in the short video while onlookers naturally tape the bizarre incident with the smartphones. 


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Sep 272013
Hawk Immediately Swoops In And Grabs Girl’s Freed Rehabilitated Bunny

Joey Gore‘s little girl found a baby bunny in the garage and nursed it back to health. Finally, they decided it was time to free the little guy back into the wild. 

“Where’s your mommy?” asked the little girl. 

But sadly, after just running to the neighbor’s yard, a hungry hawk swooped in for breakfast and took the bunny ‘to go.’ 

Nature can be beautiful. Other times, it’s simply brutal. 

Is there anything worse than a screaming bunny rabbit?


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Sep 252013
Mercedes-Benz Magic Body Roll Chicken Commercial

To promote their brand new ‘Magic Body Roll‘ suspension technology, Mercedes Benz commissioned this odd, yet entertaining commercial featuring… chickens?

Just as a chicken will keep its head perfectly still, even when the farmer moves its body, so to does the new Mercedes S-Class equipped with Magic Body Roll keep the car perfectly stable over any kind of bumps or potholes on the rode. 

In just two days the new video has gone viral, garnering over half a million views! The commercial is also featured on AutoBlog, NewsBusters, and CNEt


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