Mar 232014
Penguins Try To Cross Over Low Rope

This older video is trending again, as viewers simply can’t resist adorable penguins.

A colony of penguins were blocked by a low hanging rope connected to a raft. One by one, the adorable, non-flying birds tried their best to cross over the rope. 

The results are too cute. 


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Feb 282014
Camera On Pelican Beak Records Mind Blowing Video

The staff of animal conservation Nomad Tanzania discovered a young pelican abandoned by its flock after a powerful storm and took him in. They named him Bigbird.

Alone and young, the staff actually had to teach Bigbird how to fly by running up and down the beach flapping their arms. 

Finally, Bigbird’s instincts kicked in and he took off.

They attached a GoPro to his beak and captured the most breathtaking video ever that is now going viral. 


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Feb 102014
Smart Crow Solves Complex Puzzle

Crows are known for their intelligence, and have even been seen sledding using a plastic lid

Now, the BBC has again shown that these smart birds are not to be underestimated on their program The Problem Solvers

Dr Alex Taylor trains wild birds, and has shocked the science world with one specific Crow, named 007.

He tested 007 with a puzzle that consists of eight separate stages that must be completed in an precise order to obtain the treat at the end.

Impressively, 007 completed the test in just a matter of moments, and is now a viral video star. This video has already garnered over 650,000 hits


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