Aug 292013
Bald Eagle Crashes Inside University Chapel

To motivate and inspire, the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa invited World Bird Sanctuary handler Roger Wallace to have a very real American Bald Eagle majestically swoop around the chapel hall during a school event. 

But instead of returning to Roger’s arm, the great bird‘s instincts took over, and flew directly into the large chapel windows with a great smash. Thankfully, the bird is reportedly fine.

Lucas Cherry was in attendants at the event, and caught the scene on camera. In just a week, the clip has been viewed over 650,000 times!


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Aug 252013

Dhalsim1 posted this short video yesterday, and already it has amassed over 1.4 million views. While the cameraman was recording a juvenile kestrel in his backyard, the majestic bird leaped from the fence onto his head, giving him the shot of a lifetime.


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Aug 172013

This 2011 video by the San Diego Zoo has gone viral now after trending on the front page of Reddit, and now stands with over half a million views

Crikey is the popular kookaburra bird at the zoo that visitors love to listen to. When zoo goers roll their R’s together, the kookaburra answers them with its iconic laugh call. Truly a one of a kind. 


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Jul 142013

Iluvdodge9‘s mom has a certain way with animals. The Canadian farmer noticed a wild raven perched on their fence cawing for an hour.

Upon further investigation, it became clear that the intelligent bird was calling out in pain from the multiple porcupine quills stuck in its face. It almost seemed to be asking for human assistance.

Amazingly, mom didn’t hesitate at all to pull the quills out, one by one. The raven seemed to call out in pain each time she pulled a quill, just like a small child crying from a splinter. 

Now, the video has gone viral, garnering over a quarter million views


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