Feb 102014
Smart Crow Solves Complex Puzzle

Crows are known for their intelligence, and have even been seen sledding using a plastic lid

Now, the BBC has again shown that these smart birds are not to be underestimated on their program The Problem Solvers

Dr Alex Taylor trains wild birds, and has shocked the science world with one specific Crow, named 007.

He tested 007 with a puzzle that consists of eight separate stages that must be completed in an precise order to obtain the treat at the end.

Impressively, 007 completed the test in just a matter of moments, and is now a viral video star. This video has already garnered over 650,000 hits


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Jan 242014
Pigeon Prank Outside Car Wash

Popular French prankster Rémi GAILLARD has a new movie coming out March 5. 

He just published this short clip from the film of an epic pigeon prank. After cleaning his car, an unsuspecting driver discovers a pigeon waiting to relieve itself ride by the car wash exit.


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Jan 202014
Bird Steals Egg Camera, Films Penguin Colony From The Sky

Wildlife television company John Downer Productions captured some amazing footage with a special ‘egg camera.’

The egg shaped camera was placed in penguin colony to spy on the birds.

But a predatory falcon found the egg, and, assuming it was real food, stole the camera for a quick meal.

The falcon inadvertently made history by being the first bird to capture and record a penguin colony from the sky.


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Jan 192014
Amazing Footage Reveals How Falcons Catch Prey

This video by The Company of Biologists has gone viral over the weekend with over 1.4 million hits

Scientist Suzanne Amador Kane has discovered that falcons keep their prey locked in the same place on their retinas by attaching cameras onto hunting falcons.

Read the report here.


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