Feb 102016
Horse And Chickens Are Best Friends

Nancy Elwood went to her horse barn to discover her horse Rocky with a chicken on his head. And Rocky didn’t seem annoyed by Chickaleta. Instead, it seemed like the two were enjoying each other’s company. 

This fun animal video has gone viral with over 165,000 hits!


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Dec 282015
Parrot Sick Of The Holidays Takes Down Toy Santa Claus

The holidays are a funny thing. At first, we’re all excited to see our family, enjoy some delicious holiday treats, and have some fun. But after a while, it’s easy to experience holiday overload. It’s OK to admit it. We all go through it eventually. This parrot has had enough. To vent his frustration, he takes down one of those obnoxious holiday singing toys. Good bye Santa, it was fun, but now it’s time to say goodbye. 


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Dec 132015
Cockatoo Has Cutest Reaction After Trying Vinegar

This woman loves the healthy snack of sliced veggies dipped in vinegar. After being begged by her cockatoo Gotcha to finally try some of the sour dip, she gave the bird a taste test. 

The way Gotcha reacts to the vinegar is simply hilarious. Just look at that face. Just like a kid. 


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Dec 122015
Mailman Fights Off Turkeys With Big Stick

If you ask a child what animal likes to chase the mailman, nearly every single kid would answer “dog.” But that’s not the case in the town where CapeCodWave lives. Instead of dogs chasing and biting the mailman, there are wild turkeys! 

Turkeys everywhere! It seems to be such a standard issue that the mailman walks around with a big stick to fend the giant birds off. 


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