Apr 122013

It’s no secret an attractive girl doesn’t have to ask a guy at the beach twice to rub sunscreen lotion on her back. Some guys go to the beach just for the chance to give a girl a back rub. 

Knowing this, Break set up a cruel prank at Panama Beach during spring break. They had their subject in a bikini ask guys on the sand for some sunscreen assistance.

But once the helpful gentlemen were massaging, her hidden speaker would fart, quickly cooling any sparks that the guys may have thought were forming. 



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Aug 112012

 is famous on YouTube for going on Chatroulette and trolling men looking for girls by wearing a bikini. He hides the fact that he’s a dude until he has completely sucked in his prey. Only then does he reveal that he is in fact a very hairy man. 

Not wanting to miss out on the Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe train, he sang and danced along to the hit single in front of countless Chatroulette ‘players’ wearing a variety of bikinis. 

In just one day, the video has garnered over 1.8 million views and over 75,000 likes


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Sep 132011

Windows 95 really was a huge step for Microsoft, and gave consumers a whole new look and feel to their computing. The change was so great from the last Windows operating system, Microsoft created video tutorials to help users adapt. Who better to narrate the tutorial than a classic 90’s girl in a bikini? This video was posted in 2008, but just now became popular.  


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Jul 302011

Not all FAIL videos are equal, and not all face plant videos are equal. Take this one for example. The starlet of the show is in a bikini getting prepped by her buddies to swing for the first time into the lake. After what seems like forever, she finally jumps, and goes straight down face first. Ouch. 


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