Jan 192015
Puppy Adorably Reclaims His Bed From Cat

The Internet has seen its fair share of cats stealing beds from dogs. Finally, we have a case where the dog gets his justice! Ten week old french bulldog Pixel stood up to the house cat that stole his doggy-bed, and after a valiant battle, reclaimed his bed. Good boy!

This cute pet video has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Jun 102012

This video was originally published by   in January, but it only went viral now this summer.

The video features a fix to children’s least favorite choir, making their bed in the morning. Spanish furniture maker OHEA may have the answer with their new smart bed that ‘makes itself.’ The video is covered on Mashable and Buzzfeed


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Aug 142010

Just by using your finger tips, you can transform your house or apartment into a seemingly huge palace. With hydraulics and pistons, there is no effort for the home owner. A desk becomes a bed, a study becomes a kitchen. It is all simple and easy to use, and may be the wave of the future as homes become smaller.

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