Nov 092012

Dude Perfect is without a question the most popular trick shot channel on YouTube. The athletes usually impress their fans with crazy, outrageous, and near impossible basketball shots. 

For their latest episode, they have mashed their favorite with a little baseball for a one of a kind trick shot video that is quickly going viralviral. 


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Nov 022012

Now that the controversy surrounding the popular superstar has relaxed,  felt it was good timing to enlist LeBron James in their latest commercial

The brand new viralviral commercial features LeBron James enjoying his day with his brand new Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone, and currently stands with over three million views.  


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Nov 012012

Just like the cities they inhabit, fans of the same professional NBA team all seem to share a similar stereotype. Sports entertainment channel  noticed the trend, and created this super cut of ‘Every Fan of The NBA‘ that has started to trend.

Already, the three day old video is featured on NBA, CBSNews, and BleacherReport


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Nov 012012

Remember when Kyrie Irving teamed up with  Max to trick some kids on the street playing a pick up game of basketball? Since Kyrie was wearing an old man Uncle Drew costume, the young athletes had no idea what hit them. That first video was such a viral success, it currently stands with over 16 million views

Now, Pepsi has again recruited Irving to prank some street ballers, only this time with an old man version of Kevin Love as his partner in crime. The two hit up the Jim Gilliam Park in Crenshaw, Los Angeles

Like the first time, they don’t show their true skills until they have everyone else right where they want them. Only then do they unleash the NBA fury. The new video is featured on NYPost, ESPN, YouTubeTrends, and CosbySweater


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Sep 292012

This powerful video was published back in March, but has just surged in viewership now after being picked up by the blogsphere.

Popular sites like TheDailyWhat, HyperVocal, MostWatched, and 22Words all showcase the story published by  about Portland Trail Blazers rookie Meyers Leonard.

After his father passed when he was only six, Meyers only had his mom and his slightly older big bro to look up to for support and guidance.

Though only older by 22 months, Bailey even says that he felt like a father figure for Meyers while they were growing up. 

Now that Bailey is a marine in Afghanistan, and Meyers is just about to start in NBA, they both have to stand up by themselves.

Meyers was obviously extremely worried about his big brother’s safety, so when Bailey surprise visited him from the Middle East during ball practice, Meyers was really shocked and let it all out. 

The powerful story is further featured on ESPN and OregonLive


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