Jun 102012

LeBron James is still a very polarizing figure in the professional basketball world. After beating the Celtics during game six of the playoffs, one fan poured their beer on the famous NBA star. The video already has more than 1.6 million views, and is featured on BusinessInsider, HuffingtonPost, and RantSports.


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Jun 012012

Fans love to stand out and support their team, and there’s no better way to celebrate your colors then to dress up like a nut in public, dancing like crazy.

The  has their share of kooky fans, and just published this entertaining montage of out-of-this-world-fans from this past season that is featured on SportsIllustrated and YouTubeTrends.  


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May 262012

Just when the spoofs of LFMAO’s hit single Party Anthem finally calmed comes the recent wave of Gotye parodies. People just can’t get enough of the hit song, Somebody That I Used To Know

This latest Kobe Bryant themed parody is by  already has a quarter million hits, and is featured on YouTubeTrends, HuffingtonPost, CollegeHumor, and LATimes


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May 212012

 hired Rookie of the Year 2012 Kyrie Irving to play a fun prank at a pick up game in Bloomfield, NJ. Dressed in a very convincing old man costume, “Uncle Drew” took to the court with a serious gut and whole lotta grey hair. 

Irving threw a couple air balls to start with as to not rile any suspicion. Just when all the young kids were getting sick of Uncle Drew, Irving turned on the heat, and blew those kids away. 

The video is featured on Aggregate, Reddit, and DailyPicks


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May 202012

It’s a long standing custom for fans of the home team to attempt to distract the visitors when they shoot free throws.

Kevin Garnett of the Celtics was at the line in the 3rd quarter against the 76ers when a very special, and very large, fan tried to distract him. Amazingly, Kevin wasn’t phased a bit, and made both shots. The  video already has nearly half a million views


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