Mar 202012

Sometimes in sports, a horrible blooper is just as exciting as an epic slam dunk. And in the NBA there are plenty of both. The blooper side isn’t usually focused on, so the  made this special blooper compilation from all the best of last year. The video is featured by JackMoore and Devour


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Mar 192012

This year’s newest NBA star, Jeremy Lin, is becoming more and more sought after. Too appease his fans, Jeremy posted the explanation to his secret handshake with Landry Fields over the weekend. Already, the video has over 800,000 views, and is featured on BusinessInsider and YouTubeTrends


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Mar 142012

In over time during the Colorado state championship game, Chaparral High School only had five seconds to take the win, or continue in another quarter. #1 just had moments to throw the ball up for a three, but when he missed everyone assumed they were heading for a second over time.

That’s when #4 Josh Adams pulled a Michael Jordan, and literally flew up and tipped the ball back in at the buzzer. He single handedly won the 2012 CHSAA 5A Boys Basketball Championship in Colorado. The four day old video already 175,000 views, and is featured on YouTubeTrends and BostonBarStool.


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Mar 132012

The  published this amazing slam dunk video three days ago and it is already nearing two million hits. Even though the Nets ended up losing to the Rockets on Saturday, they at least got a chance to embarrass Houston when Gerald Green slammed a beautiful windmill dunk after being set up for the alley-oop by MarShon Brooks.  


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Mar 062012

It’s not over ’til the fat lady sings, or, in this case, until the buzzer officially sounds. In this NLB basketball game, PAR scored a three with just .6 seconds left, making them ahead by one. The team in white jerseys started dancing and celebrating assuming they won, but the game wasn’t over. CIB had .6 seconds and used them well, shooting a 3/4 court shot to win the match while the other team danced to their own defeat. That’s embarrassing.

The video was published in January, but just went viral now, being viewed more than 300,000 times since March. It is also featured on StuffIStole, KnowYourMeme, and Awesomer


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