Jan 242013

Andrew Garver posted this video of his friend seemingly scoring a full court shot while blind folded, just like Rob Dyrdek.

Naturally, as this is the Internet, most viewers are doubtful of the authenticity of the shot as the ‘conversation’ between the two friends seems more than terribly scripted, and the video of the ball soaring through the air is obscured by the light.

The sad part is, people who actually perform amazing acts of athleticism are doubted because of all the charlatans. 


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Jan 152013

You get a better view of the game by just watching at home, so professional sporting events have to incorporate delicious snacks and fun activities into the event to help draw more fans. And the famous half court shot by a fan for a large prize is a classic activity people seem to love.

But the half-court shot by a fan during the halftime show of the Jazz-Hawks game truly ended like no other. Kevin was lucky enough to win the chance to score a half-court shot for $1,000, but incredibly, the ball got stuck on the corner of the rim and the backboard.

After getting a nudge to fall in, Kevin still got to win the money. 

Now, the video is going viralviral, appearing on Mashable, Deadspin, and TotalSportsPro. Check out the original video on NBA


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Jan 112013

This exciting buzzer-beater video posted by gljuggler has just gone viralviral now, quickly amassing over 90,000 views. In a scene seemingly taken out of a Disney movie, the black team passed the ball to the official ‘chubby kid’ on the team with only moments to spare.

The kid caught the ball with his back to the hoop and didn’t have the time to turn around, so he blindly launched the ball with two hands over his head.

Amazingly, it swished right in!


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Jan 062013

A successful alley oop is always good reason for fans to rise to their feet, and for online viewers to share the video later on. So it’s no surprise after J.R. Smith of the New York Knicks performed an outstanding reverse alley oop last week while playing the Spurs, the short clip published by The NBA has already amassed over two million hits.  


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Dec 262012

The holidays are dominated by football, but sports obsessed NOC had basketball on their minds over their Christmas dinner.

So right after everyone had their fill of holiday pie, they took to the basketball court to record this basketball-themed cover of the The 12 Days Of Christmas.

The 12 Dunks Of Christmas are sure to live on for all sports fans to sing around Christmas time for years to come. 


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