Dec 262012

The holidays are dominated by football, but sports obsessed NOC had basketball on their minds over their Christmas dinner.

So right after everyone had their fill of holiday pie, they took to the basketball court to record this basketball-themed cover of the The 12 Days Of Christmas.

The 12 Dunks Of Christmas are sure to live on for all sports fans to sing around Christmas time for years to come. 


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Dec 122012

The National Basketball Association is naturally the most famous basketball league in the world. And their YouTube channel only adds strength to this claim.

The NBA has over one million subscribers, and now has just surpassed one billion YouTube views.

To honor such a rare milestone, famous NBA athletes and faces starred in this celebratory video that is going viral. The video is also covered on Mashable, CBSNews, and AwfulAnnouncing


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Dec 112012

Christian liberal arts focused Taylor University students have a long standing tradition at their basketball games that is sometimes referred to as ‘Silent Night.’

From the start of the game, the fans are inexplicably and perfectly silent. Only after the Taylors score their tenth point does the stadium absolutely erupt into utter chaos. 

And that’s just the start of the pandemonium.

Now, video from this year’s first Trojan game is going viral, standing with over 150,000 views, and being featured by SportsGrid, YahooSports, NBCSports, and RightThisMinute


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Dec 102012

Western Carolina University played Appalachian State over the weekend. An hour into the game, #24 of Appalachia had the opportunity to shoot a free throw. And boy did he blow it. 

Announcers Kyle Rush and Phillip Jackson couldn’t believe their eyes. “My goodness. I don’t know what that was. Good Lord!”

Now, this clip of the ‘worst free throw ever‘ has gone viral over the weekend, garnering over 1.75 million views already. 


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Dec 072012

As the world continues to shrink with the help of technology and the Internet, celebrities that were once only famous on a regional or national level are exploding across the globe. 

And Turkish Airlines is the latest capitalizing on this trend.

They enlisted the help from NBA famous Kobe Bryant and FIFA famous Argentine footballer Leo Messi to star in their newest commercial.

In just one day, the new celebrity athlete ad has already amassed over 1.75 million views


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