Aug 312013
Spiderman Plays Pickup Basketball Part 2

Back in July, Professor Live published video of Spiderman playing street basketball in an apparent pick up game. That original video stands with over 7 million views!

Now, the channel has returned with a second helping of Spidey-basketball. Again, all the players in the video were unaware they would be playing against a web-slinger with serious basketball skills. 

The clip isn’t even a week old yet, but already stands with over half a million views!


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Aug 312013
Guess What Day It Is Dallas Mavericks Parody Gieco Commercial

It’s easy to spot a Gieco commercial these days by their repeating gags and themes. One of their most popular ad series is their Happier Than commercial.  

To kick off the NBA season, the Dallas Mavericks made this humorous spoof of Gieco’s Hump Day commercial featuring Dirk Nowitzki. The week old spoof already has over 950,000 hits!


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Aug 262013

Last year, the sporting world was slammed upside the head by Linsanity. No one expected a no name Asian-American to not only make it to the NBA, but also to become one of the most famous players of the year. 

As expected these days, the Hollywood movie of Jeremy Lin is already set for release this October 4th. 


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Aug 252013

Last week, incoming Ball State freshman Markus Burden won a semester of paid tuition after scoring a half court shot. 

Colorado State University upped the anti by offering one of their freshman students an entire year of free tuition if he was able to sink a half court shot. Now, the four coaches who committed to sponsoring the tuition prize have to pay up. 


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Aug 232013

While waiting for the 2013-2014 season to start, the NBA has been churning out best-of footage from the past year. But after a while, all the sick dunks and sweet moves get repetitive.

Fans want to see their favorite players in a light-hearted setting for a change. So the NBA has just debuted this new video featuring the Top NBA Bloopers Of 2012-13 Season to tickle the funny bone of their fans. 

Already, the two day old video has garnered over 400,000 hits.


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