Mar 062013

The Miami Heat went viral last week with their own professional athlete packed Harlem Shake video. Incredibly, that video stands with over 35 million views

Now, the Minnesota Timber Wolves have made this Harlem Shake video in response. Thankfully, they add a much needed twist to their performance, ripping on the Heat. In one day, the new video has collected over one million views


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Mar 042013

DudePerfect, the web’s original and most famous trick shot crew, has again pushed the envelope. For their latest video, the crew teamed up with popular videographer Devin Supertramp to create a one of a kind trick shot masterpiece. 

By harnessing the power of helium balloons, they elevated a basketball hoop high into the air at the Texas Motor Speedway racetrack. Then, one of the crew members unbelievably scored. 

Dude…. Perfect!


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Mar 042013

New Rochelle student Khalil Edney is the latest basketball player to go viral online for scoring an amazing half court buzzer beater.

To make the situation even more nerve-racking, the ball was stolen by Mt. Vernon with just seconds left in the game. Amazingly, Khalil just stole the ball back with enough time to launch it across the court. And it went in!

Now, this brand new video has already accumulated over 1.4 million views, and is featured on SportsGrid, WashingtonPost, YahooSports, and HuffPost.


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Mar 012013

The meme is dead, but when you’re LeBron James with the rest of the Miami Heat, you can do nearly any old trend and it’s cool again. So the Heat did the Harlem Shake. As in the 2013 version, not the original from the 80′s.

Incredibly, the new video, which was published on the Miami Heat official channel, has collected over 2.5 million views, and over 40,000 likes in just one day. 


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Feb 252013

Peter Morales is the basketball coach of the Coronado High School Thunderbirds in El Paso, Texas. Of all his kids, his favorite has to be team manager Mitchel, who has a developmental disability.

So on the last game of the season, Peter was determined to get Mitch into the game. Incredibly, it was a student from the opposing team who helped make the dream come true.

Read more on CBSNews and NYDailyNews

The report has viewers grabbing for the tissues to say the least. As BloodyReam says, “Who left all these onions around here? Sheesh…”


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