Apr 212013

Basketball obsessed Hoop Mixtape specializes in delivering the best, most interesting hoops videos online. Their latest video showcases freshman Seventh Woods who stands over six feet tall.

Already, his highlights video has amassed over 2.1 million views since debuting over the weekend. The NBA better get ready for this kid. 


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Apr 032013

ESPN has broken this story about Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice abusing and berating players. He was recently suspended for three games last winter for his behavior at practices. The school wasn’t specific why.

This new security camera video is why. On the video, Rice is seen physically and verbally abusing the students, shoving them, pulling them by their shirts, and calling them slurs. He may be the next Bobby Knight

For some reason, it seems NCAA coaches get away with behavior that even drill sergeants wouldn’t be able to get away with.

Now, the video has instantly gone viral in the sports world, instantly amassing over 100,000 hits, and is further featured on ESPNCBSSports, and CNN


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Mar 222013

March Madness is here. It’s a time some sports fanatics wait all year for, even enjoying it more than the over-commercialized, and boringly mainstream Super Bowl.

But for countless nerds–including those who work at nerdy viral video sites–sports, especially March Madness, can be downright intimidating. How do fans remember all the teams names? And brackets? Are those like braces?

Thankfully, popular late night program Jimmy Kimmel Live has just published this handy how to video guide on How to Pretend You Care About College Basketball

Relax nerds, JK has got you covered. 


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Mar 212013

The adorable Kid President continues to trend online. He’s made it so big, ESPN has enlisted him to pick his NCAA tournament brackets in this cute video. Already, the brand new has accumulated over a quarter million views




Ironically, the real president, President Barack Obama, also picked his brackets in this video which only stands with 60,000 views. Read more on WashingtonPost, HuffPost, and Parade.


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Mar 142013

This video was posted in the early days of YouTube, way, way back in 2006, but has only erupted in popularity now over six years later.

Currently, the short yet sweet video has collected over half a million views just this week, and is featured on StuffIStoleFromTheInternet, DailyPicksAndFlicks, and BroBible

In the clip, a kid bounces an over-inflated basketball that seems to act as if it was on the moon. All that extra air really helps the ball bounce that much higher. 

But basketballs aren’t designed to be so stressed, and after just a couple bounces, the ball explodes, causing the cameraman to burst out in laughter. 


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