Jul 272013

Executing a sick windmill slam dunk is difficult enough wearing shorts and gym shoes. But the sweet move is nearly impossible while dressed in full army fatigues and boots. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop one US Airman who pulled off the dunk wearing his full uniform with no issues as a part of USA Basketball. Now, the two day old video stands with over half a million views.  


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Jul 112013

Remember when actor Andrew Garfield went viral for playing basketball with kids while still wearing his Spiderman 2 suit? He only managed over 200,000 hits, but it seems a copycat has dethroned him now. 

On Tuesday, Professor Live published this video of an anonymous Spiderman playing some 1v1 pickup basketball games. Already, the video has garnered over 450,000 hits, and is featured on SportsGrid, ViralNewsChart, and InQuisitr.

Could it be Andrew under that mask? Or maybe an NBA rookie is hiding under the tight suit…


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Jul 022013

The NBA has studied the Internet at large on how to go viral, and now is ready to celebrate the end of a great season with this attempt at a viral video.

After sifting through their best footage, they have just debuted their very own Best Video Bombs of the ’12-’13 Season Compilation. Their work has paid off, and now the video has instantly viral. 


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Jun 272013

This video by JM Basketball Videos has gone viral, amassing over 650,000 views over the past few days.

Not only did soon to be senior Christian Terrell at Providence High School execute a heavy slam dunk, but the 6’2 athlete did so as if the defense-man he knocked down wasn’t even there. 

Now, Christian is enjoying his online 15 seconds of fame, being featured on YahooSports, DailyPicks, SportsGrid, and YouTubeTrends.


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Jun 252013

Zaire Wade is only in the fifth grade, but he’s already following in his father’s footsteps. Filling the shoes of Miami Heat NBA star Dwyane Wade is a great challenge, but judging but this viral compilation by CityLeagueHoopsTV, the kid seems to be on his way to become a star in his own right.

The video is less than a week old, but has garnered over 925,000 views already.  


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