Aug 252013

Last week, incoming Ball State freshman Markus Burden won a semester of paid tuition after scoring a half court shot. 

Colorado State University upped the anti by offering one of their freshman students an entire year of free tuition if he was able to sink a half court shot. Now, the four coaches who committed to sponsoring the tuition prize have to pay up. 


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Aug 232013

While waiting for the 2013-2014 season to start, the NBA has been churning out best-of footage from the past year. But after a while, all the sick dunks and sweet moves get repetitive.

Fans want to see their favorite players in a light-hearted setting for a change. So the NBA has just debuted this new video featuring the Top NBA Bloopers Of 2012-13 Season to tickle the funny bone of their fans. 

Already, the two day old video has garnered over 400,000 hits.


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Aug 192013

Incoming freshman Markus Burden from Frankfort, Illinois has much to celebrate. During the Ball State Football welcome week, the freshman scored a half court shot to win one paid semester of tuition valued at over $10,000.

Already, the new clip has garnered over 200,000 hits, and has been covered on YahooSports, TheBlaze, and NowMSN


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