May 282013

Ed Milliondaire ripped this short clip from the last Spurs-Grizzlies game on Saturday. In the video that has already been viewed over 600,000 times, Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs seems to suddenly realize that he has arms. Truly an amazing epiphany. 

The clip is covered on Deadspin, USAToday, YahooSports, and DoobyBrain


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May 212013

These days, fans can connect with their idols in ways not possible just a few years ago. Take Nicole of Coral Gables, Florida, for example. Like so many other high school seniors around the country, she’s obsessed with NBA star Dwyane Wade.

Just for fun, she asked the Dwyane on Twitter if he would go out with her to prom. She never though that months later she would actually meet Dwyane at prom, and star in a viral video.  

Since debuting over the weekend, the new video has already scooped up over 1.75 million views, and has appeared on SportsIllustrated, Mashable, CBSNews, and YahooSports


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May 082013

Who doesn’t love the kiss cam while at the big game? Nearly everyone is excited to appear on the jumbo-tron and kiss their significant other.

But one boyfriend wasn’t in a very kissy mood when he and his girlfriend appeared on Fresno Grizzlies kiss cam.

Viewers could feel how excited, and then annoyed, the girlfriend became during those few seconds on the jumbo-tron, but her man was simply busy on the phone, only offered his hand to her lips.

When the cameras finally panned onto the same couple, not for the second, but the third time, and still the same girl was rejected from her kiss, the girlfriend dumped her drink on her boyfriend in front of the entire stadium, dumping him in the same act.

Now, the new video has gone viral, amassing over a quarter million views.


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Apr 212013

Basketball obsessed Hoop Mixtape specializes in delivering the best, most interesting hoops videos online. Their latest video showcases freshman Seventh Woods who stands over six feet tall.

Already, his highlights video has amassed over 2.1 million views since debuting over the weekend. The NBA better get ready for this kid. 


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Apr 032013

ESPN has broken this story about Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice abusing and berating players. He was recently suspended for three games last winter for his behavior at practices. The school wasn’t specific why.

This new security camera video is why. On the video, Rice is seen physically and verbally abusing the students, shoving them, pulling them by their shirts, and calling them slurs. He may be the next Bobby Knight

For some reason, it seems NCAA coaches get away with behavior that even drill sergeants wouldn’t be able to get away with.

Now, the video has instantly gone viral in the sports world, instantly amassing over 100,000 hits, and is further featured on ESPNCBSSports, and CNN


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