Aug 142013

Just this Monday, legendary Bulls star Michael Jordan was trending after he was caught on camera dunking at 50 years old. Apparently, the NBA was watching, because they have just debuted this video of Dr. J dunking at 63 years old to one up Michael. 

That’s right Jordan, he’s got 13 years on you. 

Already, the new video has garnered over 450,000 hits


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Aug 122013

Michael Jordan might be 50 years old, but apparently he still has it. While visiting his annual Flight School camp in California, he demonstrated why he is still famous, dropping a simple dunk for all to see. 

Baldur H. Icelandic NBA fan was in the stands and caught the whole thing on camera, and now the video is featured on NYDailyNews, YahooSports, and FoxSports


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Aug 112013

A year ago, Youssef  Hannoun went viral with a video demonstrating how Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have identical plays. That video stands with over 3.3 million views

Now, he has returned with this new sequel which has already garnered over 1.1 million hits since debuting over the weekend. As in the first video, the sequel shows how the two famous NBA stars seem to share a similar playbook.


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Aug 062013

Two Mormon missionaries shocked some street basketball players with their unexpected basketball skills. While on mission, the two messengers from the Church of Latter day Saints were challenged to a 2vs2 game. Never did the home team expect such baller skills from such religious teens. 

“Don’t let their suit and tie fool you, ” commented one inquisitive spectator. 

Now, this original video by Jared Allen, titled Mormon Missionary can ball, has gone viral, with countless new copies already circling the web. 


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