Jun 162013

Last week, San Antonio native Sebastian De La Cruz sang the Star Spangled Banner at the third game of the NBA Finals. Even though he did a great job, he was hit by a wave of negative press online.

His story quickly went viral, and now the news report covering him has over 3.4 million views

To show their support, the NBA invited Sebastian back to sing the National Anthem at Game 4. His most recent performance has gone viral as well, and already stands with over 1.75 million views.


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Jun 072013

After originally going viral, Trick Shot Titus has managed to stay in the spotlight thanks to his biggest fan Jimmy Kimmel.

To keep the ball literally rolling, Jimmy again invited Titus on his show to showoff his basketball skills, only this time he had to play world famous basketball star Shaquille O’Neal.

It’s the Clash of the Titus. The winner will surprise most. 


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Jun 052013

Popular online rapper Froggy Fresh, aka Krispy Kreme, has returned with another hit. Froggy and his main man Money Maker Mike rap about a local 2v2 basketball game where they totally Dunk On the competition. The new music video is already featured on LaughingSquid, DailyOfTheDay, and TastefullyOffensive


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Jun 032013

LeBron James just can’t win online as he has again found himself in uncomfortable water after RSVLTS published this supercut featuring the NBA star.

The problem for LeBron is that the compilation is anything but flatter, as it features the MVP openly and obviously flopping over and over throughout his career.

Is this really the actions of a true basketball star?


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May 312013

Back in February, little baby Titus went viral in the web’s first ever toddler basketball trick shot video. Incredibly, the video published by dad Joseph Ashb has amassed over 11 million views since then. 

A few weeks after, Jimmy Kimmel got wind of little Titus and invited dad and the trick shot toddler on the show for a little basketball competition. 

Now, Joseph has just released a second iteration of his son scoring outrageous toddler-sized trick shots, and was even able to get Jimmy Kimmel and college basketball coach Gregg Marshall to make a cameo in the video. 

Already, little Titus has been featured on TheBlaze, Boston, Devour, and BigLead


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