Dec 122013
High School Basketball Saved From Out Of Bounds Behind The Back Shot

Juan Lopez posted this short clip of an amazing high school basketball play which has already amassed over half a million views!  

Marvey’o Otey of the William Byrd High School was only trying to save a ball from going out of bounds, but ended up scoring a three point swish when he launched the ball from behind the back. Amazing!


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Dec 082013
Taylor University Silent Night Tradition 2013

Taylor University has a fun tradition on the Friday before exams during their Division III basketball game. 

The entire crowd stays whisper quiet until the Trojans score their tenth point. 

Then, all hell breaks loose. 

Taylor SID posted this video of the chaotic tradition from this year which has gone viral over the weekend with over 380,000 hits!

It is also featured on HuffPost, BleacherReport, and DeadSpin


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Dec 062013
Jazz Bear Wins Fight With Rockets Fan

Sure, the Utah Jazz Bear mascot may have gone a little too far, spraying silly string on a couple of Rockets fans and getting some sting in their beers, but he was spraying everyone.

It was just silly string. 

But one inebriated Rockets fan took the feud to the next level by dumping his beer on the Utah Bear. 

The Bear and drunk quickly began to battle, and the cops even had to break them up. 

But the Bear was the winner by far, dumping an entire bucket of water on the Rockets fan. 

The Utah Jazz even shared the video on their Google+ page


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Dec 022013
Trick Shot Toddler Titus Part 3 With Channing Tatum And Bradley Cooper

Joseph Ashby‘s toddler son Titus quickly became a viral superstar earlier this year after dad published his kid scoring outrageous trick shots on his Little Tykes basketball hoop.

That original video stands with over 12 million views!

Titus even made it onto Jimmy Kimmel Live

Now, Titus is back with even more inconceivable trick shots in his third video with guest stars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper.


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Nov 232013
Impromptu Dance Off Between Boy And Stadium Usher During Detroit Pistons Game

Everybody loves the ‘dance cam’ during the break at sporting events. 

During the Detroit Pistons home game against the Knicks, an impromptu dance battle erupted between a very talented kid and one of the seating ushers of the stadium. 

The hilarious video has instantly gone viral with over 200,000 hits!

Who do you think won?


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