Feb 112014
Team Manager With Down Snydrome Scores Four 3-Pointers At End Of Game

Senior Kevin Grow of Bensalem, Pennsylvania has Down Syndrome and is the team manager for the basketball team. He never dreamed that he would be the star of the last game of the season, but at the end of the game his coach put him in. 

After missing a layup he ended up scoring four 3-pointers in a row. Naturally, the crowd went absolutely nuts!

The Bensalem Police captured the end of the game on camera, and now the video is going viral with over a quarter million views


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Feb 072014
Toddler On SportsCenter Spoof Is The Cutest

Taylor Stephens made this adorable spoof of the SportsCenter top ten, integrating his nephew into the countdown. 

His young nephew scored his first shot in junior-little league basketball, so Taylor cut the footage with some SportsCenter hoopla for the cutest bit of posterity ever. 

The video has already amassed over 375,000 hits!


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Feb 012014
This 15 Month Old Is Better At Basketball Than You Are

Tammy Akre‘s adorable baby has been shooting hoops since he was only six months old. Now as a 15 month old, the little guy has become a master at shooting swishes on his Little Tikes basketball hoop. He easily sinks six shots in a row in this new video

See you in the NBA in 18 years!


Thanks for the tip Josh!

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Jan 222014
Creighton Bluejays Score Nine Three-Pointers In A Row

The Creighton Bluejays got off to a vicious start while playing Villanova.

The team scored nine three-pointers in a row in the first few minutes, and totaled 21 three’s over the entire game. 

Not even seven minutes into the game, they were ahead 27-8, and won the game 96-68.


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