Oct 312015
The Michael Jordan Estate

There are real estate agents for the rest of us, and then there are real estate agents for the stars and 1%. Kofi Nartey is one of the latter. He specializes in celebrity and luxury real estate. As Michael Jordan is one of the most famous basketball players in the history of the sport, it is only fitting that he built his mansion, or rather, his estate, with the 1% in mind. How would you like a house with multiple game rooms, a wine cellar, and of course, a full size regulation indoor basketball court? You can have it for just a cool $15 million


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Sep 262015
How To Fit In The NBA

Harvard University graduate Jeremy Lin is in the spot light again after releasing this hilarious comedy sketch. Countless NBA stars, such as Landry Fields, Dwight Howard, Tyson Chandler, and many more, cameo in this skit which explains to viewers how to fit in the NBA. This clip has gone viral with over 2.5 million views!


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Aug 242015
The Ultimate Trickshot Rube Goldberg Machine Dunk

The Internet loves a good trick shot. It also loves a cool Rube Goldberg Machine. After a spontaneous day having fun while playing basketball, Ryan Higa and his friends had the ingenious idea to merge the two. So they put together the ultimate Rube Goldberg Machine slam dunk. It only took them 137 tries to get it right!


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Aug 212015
Freshman Sink Half-Court Shot And Wins Free Tuition

The serious expense of going to college in America has been a conversation in the political world for years. Still, it seems university only becomes more and more expensive each year while politicians just pay lip service to the issue. But one very talented and lucky Ball State freshman won’t have to deal with the expense. He sank a perfect half-court shot in front of a packed stadium to win free tuition for a year! Awesome! 


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Aug 102015
Blake Griffin Performs Dunk To End All Dunks Off The Moon

Nearly every 90’s kid fondly looks back at the goofy basketball cartoon movie Space JamNike Jordan sneakers was inspired by Michael Jordon’s only kids movie for this latest viral commercial. After being challenged by Marvin the Martian, NBA star Blake Griffin finally has to go to the moon to best the cheating animated character. This ad has amassed over 7 million hits already!


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