Oct 072014
Army Vet Throws Grenade Style First Pitch

Retired U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Brian Keaton had the honor of the ceremonial first pitch for the MLB. The father of five was wounded in Iraq from a bomb, and spent years recovering from the physical and emotional wounds. To celebrate his new health, he threw the first pitch just like a grenade. Get down!


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Sep 172014
Bryan Cranston Performs One-Man MLB

Bryan Cranston, best known for his prominent role in Breaking Bad, is trending online again. He allied with Bleacher Report to star in a one man recreation of the MLB Postseason inspired by Bugs Bunny. The brand new video is featured by Time, MLB, and CBSSports.


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May 192014
foul ball switch

At first it seems that this young baseball fan is a true white knight as he instantly hands a group of young ladies a foul ball he just caught. But wait. Look again. As he catches the foul ball tossed into the seats, he hands the girls a different ball. He keeps the game ball in his glove the entire time. Genius! It seems the announcers are the only ones to pick up on the slick switch-a-roo.


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May 022014
Jerk Explains How To Sneak Into Any Sports Game

Let’s face it. Going to the baseball stadium is way too expensive these days. After paying for tickets, a hot dog, and beer, you’re basically broke. That inspired this genius/jerk from The Hacks Of Life to explain how to sneak into any sporting event, get a free hot dog, and trick a kind stranger out of his beer. Sure his ethics may seem questionable, but it’s that’s OK, because the video is most likely fake. And be warned, he’s got a foul mouth too. 


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May 012014
Dog Steals Gloves At Girls Softball Game

A Western Oregon University women’s softball game was interrupted after a dog ran on the field and stole two gloves right off the hands of players. The pit bull obviously was upset that no one on field would pass him the ball, so he took the game into his own hands, er, paws. 


Via DailyPicks

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