Jan 212015
Fabulous Guy In Underwear Wakes Up And Dances On Balcony

After a great Halloween party, Baltimore dancer Krewski went viral after video of his roommate cleaning and dancing in nothing but his boxer shorts hit the Web. That clip has over 14 million hits! Now, this new clip of the dancing roommate is trending.

Apparently, a dance concert was going on outside their apartment. The underwear dancer woke up to the music, hit the balcony, and showed off his impressive moves. 


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May 202014
Water Wheel Cleans Baltimore Harbor

In case you aren’t aware, the Baltimore Harbor is a cesspool. It’s just filthy. The city is on a mission to clean the harbor to the point that it is safe to swim in by 2020. Just like the good ol’ days. The city has installed a clean-energy machine that runs on sun and water power to clean to harbor called a Water Wheel. This video demonstrating the machine has gone viral with over half a million views!Healthy Harbor 


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May 022014
Cars Being Swallowed By Baltimore Landslide Is Terrifying

Yesterday, a Baltimore roadway collapsed after a miniature sinkhole weakened the road along N. 26th St. in Charles Village. Witnesses were powerless as cars, chunks of sidewalk, and trees fell into the hole.

Nicholas Nick Nico Reyes was just a few feet from the sinkhole and quickly turned on is smartphone camera to capture the terrifying event.  


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Jan 232012

This die hard Baltimore Ravens fan was not happy when the Ravens lost to the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl. “#20″ proceeded to freak out at the TV and then his friends. The sad fan was left standing and complaining about gleeful Partiots fans and other football jib-jabberoo. The day old video already has 100,00 views, thanks being featured by BostonBarStoolSports and JPMoore


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Aug 312011

A news reporter just finished covering Irene in the streets of Baltimore when a girl with an umbrella ran up to him. He asked her what she’s doing and she answered, ‘I’m getting drunk.’ She already sounds pretty sloshed. The newsman holds back his laughter and finishes with, ‘As you can see, the streets are empty, and the bars are full.’


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