Jul 272015
What It Feels Like To Bounce Around Town As A Superball

What kid doesn’t love superballs? They’re just awesome! The only problem is that they are so easy to lose because of the urge to slam them down and see how far they will bounce. Usually, they bounce very far away and then they’re gone! Corridor Digital imagines what it might feel like to be a bouncy superball bouncing around town from the ball’s point of view in this new video


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Oct 142014
Toddler Plays Catch With Dolphin

Is there anything cuter than a baby playing catch or fetch with a dog? Actually, there is! In this adorable clip, a toddler plays a game of catch with a dolphin. Some people pay big bucks to hang out with dolphins, and this little guy is playing ball with one. Lucky kid!

 This video has over a quarter million hits!


Via LaughingSquid

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Aug 122013

Human kids like to play games by themselves so why not dogs? Ryan Faw caught one dog in Kobe, Japan doing just that, seemingly playing fetch by himself using the current of river stream to motivate the ball. Now, this week old video has gone viral, garnering over a quarter million views.

And don’t worry, calms Ryan, the dog had an owner near by. 


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Mar 142013

This video was posted in the early days of YouTube, way, way back in 2006, but has only erupted in popularity now over six years later.

Currently, the short yet sweet video has collected over half a million views just this week, and is featured on StuffIStoleFromTheInternet, DailyPicksAndFlicks, and BroBible

In the clip, a kid bounces an over-inflated basketball that seems to act as if it was on the moon. All that extra air really helps the ball bounce that much higher. 

But basketballs aren’t designed to be so stressed, and after just a couple bounces, the ball explodes, causing the cameraman to burst out in laughter. 


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Mar 202012

This dog’s attempt to retrieve a tennis ball from the pool is an analogy on life. As hard as we try, it’s best to be patient, and not get ahead of ourselves. Whenever the ball just gets in reach of the pup, she accidently pushes it away. Patients my pup, patients. Finally, the dog is successful. The video is featured on TastefullyO and Arbroath


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