Jun 072015
John DiMaggio Loses Talking About Bacon Pancakes

Cereal Box was interviewing comedian and voice actor John DiMaggio and asked him if he had ever tried bacon pancakes. John simply explained that he hasn’t because he’s already fat enough. That’s when he completely loses it as he explains just how amazing bacon pancakes sound in theory and how he doesn’t want to have a heart attack at 45. 


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Mar 142015
Cooking Bacon On Gun Silencer Is Pure America

Is there anything more American than big guns and smoked meat? Firearm enthusiast Dustin Ellermann loves those two things so much that he wanted to merge them together. Realizing the silencer on his M16 gets really hot, he wrapped the suppressor with bacon and fired. 

He was more than delighted with the results.


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Mar 062014
Oscar Mayer Bacon Aroma iPhone App Commercial

The Internet has a serious obsession with bacon.

Knowing this, Oscar Mayer has created a special iPhone alarm clock app that also includes a fragrance dispenser. That’s right, now you can wake up to the sizzle of bacon cooking and even smell that unmistakable pork belly aroma. 

Wake up and smell the bacon

Better than burning your foot by cooking bacon in bed like Michael Scott


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Jun 102013

Apparently, Oscar Mayer has learned from the viral video successes of Kmart and Grey Poupon, and has finally made a commercial specifically geared towards online viewers. 

And that’s not difficult when your company already sells the web’s favorite food: bacon. Over the weekend, their new commercial Say It With Bacon has already been viewed over one million times


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Mar 312013

April Fools is here and better than ever online. It seems the prank holiday has become second only to the Superbowl in terms of professionally launched viral videos.

This year, more companies than ever are trying to get in on the gags and giggles, producing fake videos in hope of going viral, and getting some free press. 

Scope Mouthwash, a company few would expect to launch a popular video, let a lone a viral one, has indeed gone viralviral. What’s the secret? Their marketers know there is one kryptonite that works on nearly every web viewer.

Bacon. So behold, bacon flavored Scope mouthwash


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