Oct 312012

 has unofficially won the Internet‘s cool dad award after video of his costume went viral this Halloween. Jason loves dressing up, and wanted to make sure his baby daughter could be apart of his costume. 

Using cardboard, hot glue, and plenty of hard work and sweat, he was able to recreate the epic power loader mech famous from the sci-fi thriller Aliens. The best part is that with daughter riding in front, it looks like she’s the driver of the powerful Alien crushing mech. 

The brand new video has over 150,000 views, and is further featured on CNet, MarySue, DVice, TheFW, and LaughingSquid


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Oct 222012

Like so many animals in the wild, koala bears look adorable and cute, but are far from it. Generally, they are very dangerous, and should not be approached.

But while nature hiking in Victoria, Australia had the magically opportunity to snuggle a baby koala who climbed up her leg. It was an adorably painful experience that has gone viral now after being featured on Reddit


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Oct 222012

Baby animals are obviously a favorite online, and panda cubs are definitely at the top of the list. The  had a recent baby panda born, and have been chronicling the cub on their YouTube channel. 

Their latest video showing off the adorable cub’s first steps quickly amassed over 100,000 views over the weekend, and is featured on YouTubeTrends, Inquisitr, and SanDiegoZoo.


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Oct 102012

In America, it’s been a long standing tradition of feeding toddlers spaghetti with the full knowledge they will instantly become a saucy red mess. That’s all part of the fun. 

‘s two adorable twin toddlers AJ and MJ had a long morning of playing on the beach building sandcastles. By the time lunch rolled around, the two were very hungry. And sleepy. 

The resulting video of the two toddlers fighting to stay awake and enjoy their mom’s yummy pasta has gone viralviral, and has already been featured on SayOMG, DailyDot, and TastefullyO


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Oct 082012

It’s been done over and over, and that’s precisely because viewers just can’t get enough. Babies tasting lemons for the first time is always adorable, precious, and cute, no matter how many times you’ve seen it. 

Compilation master  is the latest to trend with yet another baby lemon reaction compilation video that is featured on TheDailyWhat, FunnyJunk, and TastefullyO


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