Oct 122011

Asian babies are already super cute, but put them in tiny martial arts robes and safety gear, and you really have something precious. Here is video of two little Asian kids have a very professional Tae Kwon Do duel, complete with a referee, scoring, and a cheering audience. You may laugh now, but in a couple years, these kids will be kicking your butt. 


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Oct 102011

The Internet has a special place in its heart for spiders. On one hand, the eight legged creatures are terrifying, can serious bite you, and scurry around the floor, walls, and ceiling with blitzkrieg speed. On the other hand…. no, that’s it, they are horrible. No seriously, spiders do help keep other horrible insect populations down, but I’m still getting the Raid. And no, the tiny spiders don’t move that fast, the video is sped up.  The video from June has has gone viral again now, and is shared by Arbroath and Catesish



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Oct 082011

It’s no secret that girls, and even boys, are obsessed with Brad Pitt. The love affair usually begins as a preteens, not in the high chair. But this eighteen month old is already in love with the hot super star and gushes over his photo in a magazine. “We love you Brad!”


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Oct 032011

This video from April just went viral now, exploding with tens of thousands of hits in a matter of hours. Charlie Bird, a nature photographer traveled to Antarctica to take in the wonders of the cold continent. On his travels he met a lovely, yet huge, baby elephant seal that wanted to cuddle. Adorable. 


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Sep 302011

This classic Italian dad has his baby boy in the kid’s car seat in the back. His baby doesn’t like any of the music DJ dad has put on so far and complains until dad finally agrees to play some Led Zeppelin. The baby finally smiles and tries to sing along with Whole Lotta Love blasting from the speakers. 


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