Sep 052011

Those stretchy, bouncy toys made of silicone have a very strange texture to them even when you know what they feel like. But to a baby, everything is new and unexpected. This young one eyes a bright blue toy for a while, until he finally decides to grab it, only to immediately regret his decision. 


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Sep 032011

As a child, there is nothing more exciting than an enormous birthday present. What could be inside this huge  box that’s larger than you?

The whole family came to celebrate the birthday of the baby boy of the family. His dad has been at war serving as a US Airman, and came home to surprise for his son. When he opens the box and finds his dad, he literally jumps for joy he’s so excited. The video is featured on WelcomeHomeBlog


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Sep 022011

Video has surfaced of a Chinese four year old girl driving. Apparently, her parents are the passengers and recorded the video. The scene took place in Jinal, Shandong Province. For being only four years old, she’s a pretty good driver. But joking aside, people are of course livid by the video. Read more on DailyPicksAndFlicks and SkyNews



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Sep 012011

When you’re a little kid, the body is a new, and fascinating thing. But what really blows your mind, is when you hit the young age when you can understand that boys and girls are different and having different parts. This little girl apparently just learned about different private parts, and has a few final questions like, ‘Daddy has a penis, but mommy doesn’t have any penises?’

Best part? ‘But grandma has a pa-gina.’ They need to trademark that. The video is featured on HuffingtonPost.


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Aug 312011

By injecting ink into chicken embryos, chicken farmers are now making rainbow colored chicks. They sell them in markets in the Middle East. Locals and tourist can’t get enough of the adorable chirping colored puff balls. I’m sure this practice is illegal in America, but those would sell like hotcakes for Easter. 




Here’s an older viral videos of colored chicks:


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