Apr 222012

Frans Hofmeester made this time lapse video a week ago, but it only went viral now after being featured on Reddit. Frans filmed his daughter a little bit every week, from the day she was born until now, when she is twelve years old. To be continued as life does. 




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Apr 182012

This isn’t the first time a little girl playing with otters at the zoo has gone viral, but that doesn’t make this new scene another less cute.

Just watch as a pack of otters chase this adorable toddler back and forth at the Philadelphia Zoo otter exhibit. Another great example how otters are basically water dogs. The video is featured on StuffIStole, HuffingtonPost, BuzzFeed, and BlameIt.


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Apr 172012

Finding out you’re going to be a big sister is an exciting event, so after  find out they were pregnant, they got their daughter a special t-shirt. It simply says, ‘I’m The Big Sister,’ but soon to be big sis isn’t a master reader yet.

Once she finishes reading at the 3:30 mark it finally dawns on her, ‘Are you pregnant? YAY!’ and an adorable family celebration ensues. The video is going viral after jeremaniac posted it to Reddit


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Apr 162012

This older video from 2009 has started to trend this Spring, and is featured on Neatorama and DailyPicksAndFlicks.

While vacationing at Gardner Bay, Espanola Island, of the Galapagos Islands, had the lucky chance to get up close and personal with a baby sea lion.

You can really see how these animals are simply water dogs. The little pup even scratches his back like a dog!  


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Apr 162012

Baby Jonas is only ten months old, but he’s already building up his upper body strength. Mom caught him on camera performing pull ups, trying to get a better view of the computer screen.

So now you know the secret to get your kids to exercise. Put on some ‘Bare Necessities‘ just out of view, and watch them jump, climb, and stretch to get a peak.


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