Jul 132012

This older video published by  in 2010 has suddenly gone viral again now, and is covered on HyperVocal, Buzzfeed, and 22Words.

Dad playing Metallica’s classic Nothing Else Matters on acoustic guitar softly puts his baby son to sleep who helps by humming along as lead singer. Who knew hard rock could be such a powerful lullaby?


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Jul 082012

Lightsaber fanatic  is obviously a huge Star Wars fan and naturally wants to show his daughter the ways of the Force.

As all nerds know, proper Jedi training must begin at a very young age, so dad already gave his eleven month old daughter her first lightsaber. As they duel, it becomes apparent that we have a future Princess Leia on our hands. 


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Jun 282012

 had a great trick to get entice their adorable baby girl to crawl. With a delicious, icy cold grape Popsicle, dad lured his baby girl to crawl across the carpet. She may have lost attention for a moment, but in the end, she kept her eyes on the prize.

The from 2009 is only gaining attention now after being shared on SayOMG.


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Jun 242012

Peanut the baby turtle is eleven months old and is simply adorable.  posted a unique close up of Peanut enjoying a single raspberry that is already featured on TheDailyWhatBuzzFeed, and DailyPicks.

It takes the little bugger oh so long to finally get a good bite, and that’s exactly what makes it so satisfying. 


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Jun 202012

This 2009 video published by  just started to trend again now, and is featured in DailyPicks, BlameIt, and TastefullyO.

Jim found a precious baby bat alone, and rescued the little guy. Trying to bring the bugger up back to health, he placed the bat on a high shelf so the mommy bat could hopefully find it, and offered it a tablespoon of water to drink.

In the cutest turn of event ever, the baby bat drank a little too fast, and got the hiccups. 


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