Oct 032012

Every parent knows the true hell that is trying to feed your cranky, fussy child. As Louis CK relates about his kids when they just won’t eat, “Just eat it! You’ll die you idiot; eat the food!”

 has the same problem with his cute ten month old son Benjamin. The little guy just won’t eat his baby food. That is, unless, Korean one hit wonder Gangnam Style is playing. 

Then, little Ben is immediately anesthetized and his jaw drops for dad to shovel as much food in during the short window. The adorable video just went viralviral, and is further featured on HuffingtonPost, Blippitt, and DailyPicks


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Sep 232012

The Internet has seen many different things soothe a crying baby. After witnessing a Q-tip and even Notorious B.I.G. soothe agitated younglings, one can only wonder what’s next?

Well, being that the Internet is congregated by nearly all nerds, it’s about dang time Star Wars got in on the pacifying action. 

Thankfully, nerd mom  just went viral soothing her crying baby with her smartphone playing the world famous intro theme music to all the Star Wars films.

Who would have thought John Williams is not only one of the greatest conductors around, but also a darn good baby sitter to boot?

After being published just last Thursday the adorable video has amassed over 25,000 hits, and is blogged on sites like TheDailyWhat, BuzzFeed, and StuffIStole


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Sep 052012

All things cute are one of the most popular topics online. Be it on Tumblr, Reddit, or countless blogs, web users, like everyone else, are obsessed with cute babies and animals. 

So science obsessed educational channel  simply had to ask, what is it about babies that we perceive as ‘cute?’ 

Hank, from the nerd favorite Vlog Brothers, explains three scientific reasons why cute things make us a go crazy like nothing else. 


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Sep 032012

This adorable baby video went viral over the weekend, amassing more than 70,000 hits so far. Cute new born baby Oliver is just figuring out his own face and how he feels.

Dad caught him on camera waking up and going on an emotional roller coaster of adorable proportions. 

Now, the video is trending specifically in the UK, and is featured on HuffingtonPost, DailyMail, and Mirror


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Sep 032012

Remember the two baby girls dancing to their dad’s guitar while munching on peas that went viralviral last week? Well, as is standard online, the remixes have begun. 

 added the 90’s-lovin’ What Is Love dance song with the two adorable twins dancing in their highchairs looping over and over. Internet gold. 

The video is featured on popular blogs, likes TheDailyWhatTastefullyO, HighDef, BIOTV, and StuffIStole


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