Jan 052012

This adorable precious video from November had almost no views, until suddenly going viral this new year. Two year old Ava was born deaf, so learning sign language was a must. Since her British parents are deaf as well, they are able to teach her and converse with her in British Sign Language. Here is mom Lilli and 24 month old Ava having a very quiet dinner conversation. 


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Dec 282011

This video was uploaded in the summer, but just became a viral sensation this December with the help from being posted on Reddit. Redditor AllThatJazz claims the baby lion chirps for his mother just like house cat do as mother cats have a tuned radar for the high pitched sound. 


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Dec 242011

This adorable baby looks like he’s flying every time dad blows in his face. He stretches out his arms while his hair ruffles in the wind. Prepare for lift off!


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Dec 232011

Baby Siku is only a month old and his mother wasn’t able to properly care for him, so the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark took him under their wing. He is so young and needs so much attention, three people will have to be on 24 call to care for him. But it’s all worth it, just look at that face! The story is featured on DailyPicksAndFlicks




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