Mar 032012

 brings us this adorable week-old clip that already have over 500,000 views, and is shared on BoingBoing. Sloth specialist Judy Avey-Arroyo runs a one of a kind sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. When a young orphan sloth gets mange, Judy applies a very cute technique to soothe and treat the babies that seems very reminiscent of ‘onesie’ baby pajamas.  


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Mar 022012

Sixteen month old Jack loves toy balls. It’s his favorite toy and he already has plenty of them. But his parents, , wanted to see what would happen if they gave him six hundred balls.

They introduced Jack to a toy ball pit they set up in the house and Jack went literally speechless. His brain seemed to have a temporary overload as he processed the treasure trove of fun. Then he exploded in shouts of joy. 


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Feb 292012

Ahh, the joys of learning to talk. This dad takes advantage of his two year’s adorable accidental swearing by posting it online and reaping in the Internet points. When he asks his toddler to say, ‘vacuum,’ it sounds an awful lot like, ‘f*** you.’


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Feb 262012

In this video, Aussie cover band  performs a very special and unique mash up cover of One Direction and Justin Bieber. They ‘sang’ What Makes You Beautiful and Baby with just laughter. As in only with ‘haha’s and ‘hoho’s. Somehow, they pull it off beautifully. 


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Feb 232012

 is a regular at the Occupy movement and was heading to a regular weekly meeting when his wife announched she was going into labor. The baby came so fast, she was born in the cab just as they left for the hospital. Mom even exclaims, “I thought I had to poop, and then there was the head!”

After the baby was born, dad took out his camera and started to record. The brand new video is already featured on Gawker, MPViral, NBCNewYork, and BarStoolSportsNYC


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