Jan 232012

Most modern robot and androids haven’t gotten pasted that creepy stage that they’ve been at since the 80’s. They are somewhere stuck between machine and seemingly human, and that vagueness is awfully disturbing. This nine day old video of the inner workings of a baby android just went viral this past weekend after being shared by io9, MetaFliter, MattCherette, TheDailyWhat, and Gizmodo


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Jan 222012

This video from the end of 2009 has slowly been growing in popularity, and now is finally going viral, showing up on blogs like Arbroath and TastefullyOffensive. Kaylee’s parents set up a fun little game where they light a candle and have Kaylee try to blow it out. The results are adorable.




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Jan 212012

There are countless Jack In The Box reaction videos online; most feature the baby either reacting in tears or in glee, but this adorable reaction is a first. When the music finally finishes and Jack jumps out of his box, the little girl’s jaw drops, but she doesn’t make a peep. She looks like she might scream, but instead just sticks her tongue out. 


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Jan 162012

This adorable video was posted at the end of 2008 with little traffic since, but just exploded with half a million hits in just the past couple of days, and is featured on TheAwesomer. Tourists visiting the Panda Breeding Center in Chengdu China watched and recorded in glee as one baby panda in the viewing room kept trying to escape the play pen, only to be pushed down by one of the caretakers. 


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