Feb 232012

There’s nothing cuter than a baby dancing to music, so here’s a little baby boy who just mastered walking trying out his new dance legs. He’s got some pretty good moves already! The new video just exploded on the blogosphere, and is shared by TheDailyWhat, DogAndPonyShowHuffingtonPost, and HGrant


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Feb 172012

Dogs have been friends with humans for centuries, and for good reasons. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Humans teach dogs many things, but did you know dogs can also teach babies? Just check out these dogs who teach this teething five month old baby how to chew. The video is featured on SayOMG and TastefullyO.


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Feb 122012

This video from 2009 just went viral last fall, and has been viewed almost one million times since October. The precious video is featured on Neatorama, IrenesInternet, and TheDailyWhat.

One year old Lise Linde Kronenberg is just learning, but she is already a concert pianist. She performs one of her best hits with the help of added string instruments. 


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Feb 112012

Goats are natural jumpers, but where do they actually learn the trick? Maybe it’s in their DNA, or the mom goat teaches her young, but this little guy apparently needed extra tutoring. He got a great lesson from a girl on the farm who helped him, literally, get off his feet. The video is almost a year old, but just went viral this weekend, being viewed 100,000 times in just the past few days. 


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