Aug 112013

Telling mom and dad that a grand-baby is on the way is always popular online. To let his mom in on the good news, Sean set up a cute scavenger hunt in the kitchen with a hidden message.  

Mom quickly put two and two together after finding a bun in the oven

“It’s a buuuun! It’s a bun in the oven!” screamed mom as she hugged her daughter in law. 


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Aug 092013

This new video by HoundDogBilly has already amassed over 400,000 hits, and is continuing to trend strong into the weekend. 

After being strapped into her car seat, Ella Mae announces her love for dad until he turns on some classic Elvis Presley. Though her speaking skills are only on a 20 month old level, she still does a great job singing along with An American Trilogy


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Aug 082013

Even while still in the highchair, this adorable baby is already hating on vegetables. But that’s OK. Portuguese speaking dad Danilo V simply uses a Kit Kat to trick her into opening her mouth, and then quickly pulls the candy back and shoves in the spoon of mashed veg. 

 The cute week old video has managed to amass over half a million views!


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Aug 012013

Bobae Papa is a truly adorable Korean YouTube channel run by the proud parents of Yerin. Since she was born in 2010, they have been documenting her adorableness online, and have gathered quite a following of over 80,000 dedicated fans and currently stand with over 34 million total video views

This adorable video was published in April but has since gone viral again now, garnering over 300,000 views just today. In the cute clip, dad chases his now toddler baby girl through the house until she finally puts her foot down and ends his games. 


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Jul 182013

No parent should leave their child in the car for even a minute, but in the summer, the consequences for negligence can, and sadly often does, result in death. 

In just minutes, a vehicle  in the summer can reach well over 110 degrees, even with the windows cracked and in the shade. A child can quickly suffer from heat stroke or even die from such extreme temperatures. 

After the video of a vet demonstrating how hot a car can get to persuade pet owner to not leave their pets in the car went viral, this PSA by Red Castle Productions offering a similar warning for parents is trending as well.

The re-enactment shows how even a caring mother can be held up in a store long enough for her child to suffer from heat exhaustion or worse.

Actors demonstrate the exact course of action to take when finding a child locked in car in the summer.

BREAK THE WINDOW and save the child. Worry about broken glass later.


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