Feb 232013

Denmoff‘s little Kayla is at the tender toddler age when she is beginning to to decipher between perception and reality.

While outside on the driveway, Kayla tells dad she sees the moon, an exciting experience for any kid. Dad asks her if she can grab the moon, and she adorably jumps up and tries to catch

“Uh oh. I can’t reach it.”

Dad soothes her with, “Ok, then say goodbye moon.”

“Goodbye moon.”

Too cute!

Eve YouTuber Sean Mckenna couldn’t hold back, and said, “This kid is f***ing adorable and I hate kids.”

Zach The Reliable is even more optimistic

“Reach up for it, Reach up for the moon. and from that moment on a future astronaut was born and she would fly to Mars and Beyond.”


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Feb 212013

Father Jesse Teeters has finally reached that point in fatherhood when the real fun starts. His adorable daughter is 2.5 years old, and is now finally old enough to have more fun with dad than just rolling around on the floor and spitting up. 

As dad says, “The culmination of 2.5 years of parenting. Our first duet.”

In the video, titled My Greatest Achievement, Jesse sings The Muppets famous Mina Mina song with his cute kid. 


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Feb 122013

Every parent knows even the most well behaved kids get into trouble sometimes. Erica Boarman‘s young three year old son John wasn’t supposed to have any snacks, but mom has reasonable suspicion he may have broken the rules. 

How can she tell? Well, besides the fact that the red sprinkles jar was opened with sprinkles strewn about, John’s face and mouth was simply covered in red mashed up sprinkles.

Now, Caught Red (Sprinkle) Faced has gone viralviral, amassing over 1.5 million hits in just a week. The video is also featured by HuffPost, CNN, KidNation, and Whatstrending


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Feb 052013

As Go Pro Cameras are basically the camera of choice for online video, it makes perfect sense that their Superbowl commercial is trending online. 

The advert, which stands with over 400,000 hits, is basically a microcosm of the web, containing a cute baby, a GoPro, and Dubstep music. 


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