Jan 162013

Ethan Hunt, the famous spy from Mission: Impossible, has been off the radar for some time now. Unknown to most, he had enough sneaking and shooting, and has settled down. He even has a baby now!

But don’t worry. Every now and then, he likes to practice and sharpen his skills. He even likes to show his offspring the tricks of the trade, starting with a little candy heist

The two week old video has just started to trend now, and is covered on DailyPicks, Joe, and TO


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Jan 132013

Christian musician Coffey Anderson was performing in front of 5,000 people when a certain young someone stole the show! But Coffey was cool with it. The certain someone just happened to be his seventeen month old son who brazenly stormed the stage to shake what his mom gave him. Now, the adorable two week old video has over 350,000 hits, and is featured on HuffPost, DailyMail, and MostWatched


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Jan 062013

Markjinksdub‘s adorable two year old toddler Ada is already reading. Well, at least trying her best to. In this precious video, the cute Irish baby attempts to read the famous Peter Piper tongue twister. 

The cuteness is simply overwhelming. 


Thanks Mark!

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Jan 022013

This adorable video by Jon-Liz Reberry was posted online way back in 2009, but has instantly gone viralviral after being featured on CNN’s Distraction segment.

In the video, the two 21st century parents give their cute daughter Aria a ride on their robo-sweeping Roomba. Now, the preciousness has been picked up by LaughingSquidTastefullyOffensive, and OCanada


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Jan 022013

New father Emio Tomeoni was home alone with his baby boy, and decided to set up a time lapse camera to record their family room play time together. Little did the Kansas man know he was making a viral video masterpiece. 

Already, Home With Dada has over 400,000 views, and is further featured on NYDailyNewsExaminer, and NineMSN.


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