Mar 112014
Toddler Salesman Tells Mom To ‘Just Listen’

This adorable three year old kid has an affluent future in sales.

For two minutes, he incomprehensibly tells him mom Linda Beltran to ‘just listen, just listen’ and then explain how he’s innocent of circumventing her rule. 

He even calls his mom ‘Linda’ and ‘Honey’ like a true salesman. 

Sorry kid, you’re not gonna make the sale of getting a cupcake for dinner. 

The adorable video from three weeks ago has gone viral now with over 450,000 views!


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Mar 072014
Mother Elephant Rescues Her Calf Stuck In The Mud

In this tense video posted by Kruger Sightings, a mother elephant saves her calf stuck in a waterhole. The heart racing scene took place at the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa.

Thankfully, the little Dumbo made it out unharmed. 



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Mar 052014
Kitten Adorably Wiggles Ears While Drinking From Bottle

Polly, the two week old kitten, is simply precious. But when she drinks from her bottle and then wiggles her ears–OMG–she is simply too cute to handle!

YouTuber Brianna actually posted this adorable video in 2008, but it trending more than ever now.  


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Mar 022014
Toddler Adorably Cries Every Time Brian Williams Comes On TV

Jordan M has an adorable baby who is completely content playing with his toys while mom and dad watch the news. 

But he has one rule: No Brian Williams

Every time Brian comes on the TV, the little tyke instantly breaks down in tears


Sorry Brian. 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Feb 282014
Little Girl Playing With Baby Horse Is The Cutest

What little girl doesn’t dream of having a pet pony?

Icelander Gigja Einarsdottir‘s four year old daughter has the next best thing, a pet foal named Borgi. The little tyke plays with her baby horse in a field outside of Reykjavik, Iceland in this adorable video

Does it get any more precious? No. It doesn’t. 


Via DailyPicks

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