Sep 282014
Baby Twins Makes Breakfast Difficult For Dad

Every parent knows that twins are double the cuteness and double the fun. What a blessing. But they are also double the trouble. Sure, when they are newborns dealing with the double crying, diapers, and feeding is difficult. But once the little tykes learn to move you are in serious trouble. Just watch this dad attempt to make breakfast and pull ingredients from the fridge. So cute! 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Sep 252014
Toddler Adorably Debate The Weather

Could the weather get any cuter? In this precious video by Tara Willmott that has instantly gone viral, a toddler boy and girl argue over the weather outside. Specifically, if it is raining outside, or if it is ‘sprinkling.’ 

Finally, things get a little out of hand when the girl pokes the boy in his tender heart. 


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Sep 152014
Daughter Bursts Into Tears During Peekaboo After Dad Shaves His Beard

The Internet has seen the adorableness that occurs when a toddler or baby looks upon their father’s face right after he shaves. They are naturally upset as dad looks like a complete stranger. This new video by Jennifer Bailey has similar results.

While playing peekaboo with his toddler daughter, dad took a quick break to shave off his epic beard. When he returned and peekabooed, his baby was definitely not a happy camper. 

This cute viral video has exploded over the weekend with over one million hits and counting!


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Sep 072014
Toddler And Basset Hound Play On The Deck

Is there anything cuter than a baby playing with an over excited dog? We think not. After getting a boost from SayOMG, this precious clip by Amy Bruni has gone viral. Zoe the Basset Hound has repaid the family for their kindness by befriending toddler Charlotte. Now, the two are best friends. 


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Sep 032014
Seven Week Old Baby Hears For First Time With Hearing Aid

Toby Lever‘s precious newborn baby was diagnosed with hearing loss. The poor little one couldn’t hear anything. But that all changed when he received his first hearing-aid. Sure he was unhappy with the device at first, but his tears instantly changed to smiles when he heard his parents clearly for the first time. This beyond precious video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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