May 252013

Dsblau and his wife are expecting another baby. At breakfast, dad asked his three year old what exciting event was happening in October. 

Adela’s answer couldn’t be more perfect. In just a few seconds she explains everything you need know about childbirth in complete honestly–all while enjoying a bowl of breakfast cereal.

Mom and dad decided the short video would be a “perfect way to announce our news to friends and family.”

Now, the web can’t get enough of the cute toddler, helping launch the video into the viral realm. 

MisterOjeteMoreno explains why we all love Adela so much. “The delivery was perfect: the dramatic pause, the overall tone, it’s just too damn hilarious!”


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May 202013

Goalkeeper Ross Turnbull‘s two-year-old son Josh has become an instant viral video sensation! While Paulo Ferreira spoke to the Stamford Bridge after the final match of the season, little Josh in his own adorable toddler uniform dribbled the ball down towards the goal.

The crowd’s cheers grew and grew until Joshy finally kicked the ball in, causing the crowd to go wild on their feet!

Ashkon Nosrat published the adorable sports video on Sunday, and already the clip has amassed over 400,000 views. The story has appeared on YahooNews, TastefullyOffensiveMostWatchedToday, and PleatedJeans


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May 162013

The web can never resist a baby singing with the radio in the car on a drive. Jacquebell05 published this video of their precious Penelope singing back in 2010, but it has just experienced a recent viral surge of viewership, snatching up over 150,000 hits.

Then two year old Penelope sang along her best with Pearl Jam’s hit Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town while in her car seat on a nice drive through town. Her handle on the lyrics is truly impressive.


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May 102013

Kids tasting lemons for the first time is a long standing viral video genre. Saatchi & Heckler of TEDx Sydney wanted to take this idea to the next level.

So they rallied up a group of adorable kids and gave them a slew of popular foods, such as olives and anchovies. Of course, the reaction of the kids is only magnified when replayed in super slow motion.


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May 092013

Nathan Clark and his wife were trying to get pregnant for over two years. Finally, they recently learned that they had twins on the way!

They wanted to surprise their two daughters, so they made a cake that read, “We are having twins.”

Their oldest immediately burst into tears upon reading the cake, crying, “You’re having a baby!?”

But their younger daughter didn’t fully grasp the gravity of the situation, asking, “Can I eat one?”

Obviously, she was just a little overwhelmed by the sight of all the sugar and frosting.

Now, their adorable family video has gone viral, amassing over 150,000 views in just two days.  


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