Dec 282012

Teaching your kids to learn to speak is one of the most rewarding jobs of parenting. It can also be one of the most adorable, as is evident from this adorably short home video. 

While working with his cute kid, Dad asks her, ‘Can you say apple?’ to which she replies ‘apple.’

Then he asks, ‘Can you say banana? to which she replies, ‘appl-balabalalblala.’ Good answer. 

The nearly two year old video has started to trend now, and is featured on StuffIStole, HuffPost, DailyPicks, and UniqueDaily


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Dec 242012

This adorable video was posted online by tmell08 in October, but it has only started to trend now after being shared on Reddit.

The family’s huge Great Dane, which they appropriately named Scooby, cuddles and kisses the infant Cade in this precious scene that has garnered over 200,000 views just over the weekend. 


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Dec 242012

A week ago, the San Diego Zoo posted this adorable video of their Chinese guest panda cub, Xiao Liwu. For his 18th exam, the panda’s keeper encourage the cute cub to play with a ball to test coordination and to learn to play. 

Now, the video has over 200,000 views, and has been featured on BuzzFeed, Neatorama, and CBSNews


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Dec 182012

Babies falling asleep while attempting to complete a task is naturally a favorite online. The latest baby falls asleep while eating video is by Jerry Windley-Daoust.

His cute son was chomping away on a yummy banana, but was also so tired, he couldn’t keep his eyes open and chew at the same time. 

Now, this adorable video from nearly two years ago is going viral with a boost from popular sites, like VideoGum, DailyPicks, TastefullyOffensive, HuffPost, and SayOMG.  


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Dec 102012

It’s the holiday season, a time when hearing people sing old tunes of days past on busy street corners is the norm. But a very special performance took place in Poland, that has now gone viral after being captured, reportedly, by Kamil Litwinowicz.

A gentleman was singing an opera on the corner somewhere in Poland with a toddler bundled up next to him in a stroller. Amazingly, the baby started singing along with the man, and ended up stealing the show. 

The cute holiday video is really taking off after being reported by YahooInquisitr, and TheBlaze


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