Feb 282014
Little Girl Playing With Baby Horse Is The Cutest

What little girl doesn’t dream of having a pet pony?

Icelander Gigja Einarsdottir‘s four year old daughter has the next best thing, a pet foal named Borgi. The little tyke plays with her baby horse in a field outside of Reykjavik, Iceland in this adorable video

Does it get any more precious? No. It doesn’t. 


Via DailyPicks

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Feb 192014
Toddler Instantly Tears Up Listening To Mom’s Wedding Song In The Cutest Way Possible

Remember the baby who quickly became emotional listening to her mom sing? That video stands with over 30 million views!

Diana‘s precious two year old is also quite emotional. 

When she showed her daughter her wedding slideshow and played her wedding song Feels Like Home, her daughter instantly began to tear up in the cutest way possible. 

It really is a sad song. 


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Feb 172014
A Boy and His Dog Short Film Will Melt Your Heart

The University of Hertfordshire put together this touching short film, titled A Boy And His Dog, that has gone viral with over half a million views.

The heartwarming video showcases seven year old Owen Howkins who has an extremely rare and painful disease called Schwartz-Jamel syndrome.

Owen gets through the painful days with the help of his three legged dog Haatchi. The bond the two share is powerful. 

“The film won the ITV Award for Documentary at Visions Festival 2013, and has been nominated for a RTS Student Award, and shortlisted for Screentest Fest Award for Documentary.”


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Feb 102014
Baby’s Reaction To Superman Flying Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Watching Superman take flight can make any adult feel like a kid again. But what does it make a kid feel like?

Lribbit showed his 16 month old son Simon the first flight sequence in Man Of Steel not knowing how he would respond. 

His reaction is pure childhood magic. 


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Feb 062014
Poodle Adorably Protects Baby From Blow Dryer

YouTuber Xoxemergencyy has a precious toy poodle that isn’t only loyal but also adorable. 

Whenever they turn on their pet grooming blow dryer, the poodle ‘risks’ life and limb to protect the family baby on the floor from the evil machine. What a brave soul.


Via DailyPicks

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