Mar 012013

Back in 2011, Joshua Weeks posted this adorable video, but it has only truly gone viral this year. The video is getting a boost of viewership today after being shared by 22words and TastefullyO

Every dog lover knows dogs simply can’t get enough of peanut butter, even if they aren’t supposed to really be given any. But this happy family decided to spoil the new puppies with a special new experience of eating peanut butter off each other’s noses.  


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Feb 282013

Aussie Ajakwerth took this adorable video in 2010, but it has only gone viralviral now, amassing over 65,000 views in just days. The video went viral after being featured by SayOMG, and subsequently TastefullyO, DailyPicks, HuffPost, BuzzFeed, and HolyCutness

Douglas the orphaned wombat snuggles with his human friend on a warm autumn day near Tallangatta in Victoria, Australia. Just chilling. 


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Feb 262013

This Russian video from the winter of 2010 has only gone viralviral now, amassing over 185,000 views in just the past few days. 

A Russian fishing boat spotted a stranded black dog on a large floating piece of ice. Thankfully, they stopped to save the pup from certain death.

Now, the older video is appearing across the web, such as on MostWatched, ClipNationDailyOfTheDay, HuffPost, and Yababoon


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Feb 262013

Nap time is definitely a sensitive subject in the homes were children reside. No kid wants to nap, while most parent are simply praying for a few minutes of peace. 

Mom and dad of Ourbaby JB finally got their little one in bed, and decided to check the baby monitor real quick to just make sure all was well.

What they found their little JB doing made them burst out in laughter. He would stand up, and then simply fall face first into his pillow and blanket.

They simply had to post the video online, as is obligatory for all parents these days. Lucky for The Bennet Family, the week old video, This Nap Is NOT Happening, just went viralviral.

It has already amassed over 450,000 views, and is featured on YouTubeTrends, ClipNation, CollegeHumor, and VideoSift


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Feb 252013

Nadrojsleek is a basically a real life Peter Griffin bird feeder. He knows just how and when is the best way to feed the birds by the pond. 

Back in the summer of 2009, he walked to his near by pond and took this video, which has only gone viral now three years later.

He started tossing a few slices to a group of birds who quickly begin snacking. Then, out of nowhere, a massive gaggle of baby geese chicks, led by their geese dads and moms, charged towards the bread. 

“Look at all these chicks!” he screams. “I didn’t know I was running an orphanage.”


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