Jan 032013

This video posted by abbottvideo is three Christmases old, but has started to trend now. Ethan has always wanted his own pet dog, and after digging through wrapping paper for far too long, he discovered a dog leash.

He immediately looked up to confirm exactly what he was suppose to infer. He was finally getting his pet dog. Filled with emotion, he burst in to tears and hugged his dad. 

Merry Christmas Ethan.


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Jan 022013

This adorable video by Jon-Liz Reberry was posted online way back in 2009, but has instantly gone viralviral after being featured on CNN’s Distraction segment.

In the video, the two 21st century parents give their cute daughter Aria a ride on their robo-sweeping Roomba. Now, the preciousness has been picked up by LaughingSquidTastefullyOffensive, and OCanada


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Jan 022013

New father Emio Tomeoni was home alone with his baby boy, and decided to set up a time lapse camera to record their family room play time together. Little did the Kansas man know he was making a viral video masterpiece. 

Already, Home With Dada has over 400,000 views, and is further featured on NYDailyNewsExaminer, and NineMSN.


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Jan 022013

This video was posted online by killorn back in the Spring, but it has only gone viralviral now over the New Year holiday. The sub-ten second video features an adorably tiny pug bouncing up the stairs, step by step.

To make matters cuter, the owner reports: “Our dog goes to bed like this every night.”

After garnering over a quarter million hits in just a couple days, the video is a definite advocate of quality over quantity. 


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Jan 012013

Puppies are a known Christmas winner, but usually they are gifted to kids or girlfriends, not dads. Every knows that dads get ties and power tools.

But not Philip Duskiewicz‘s dad. He knew that everyone loves puppies, including his pops.

And boy was he right. Judging by his father’s adorable reaction to the puppy surprise, it maybe time we retired the power tools for something a little more cute and cuddly for dad next Christmas. The video is quickly trending after being featured on Reddit


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