Jan 122013

Every psych 101 student learns about Pavlov’s Dog. The famous psychology experiment in classical conditioning consisted of a dog who was presented with food and a bell sound at the same moment. Over time, the dog would salivate just when hearing the bell sound, as it connected the bell to delicious food.

YouTuber LesStrapontins successfully performed a similar experiment on their little brother. They would play a quack sound on their iPhone before surprise shooting lil’ bro’ with a Nerf gun in the back of the head.

By the 12th trial, the poor little guy was automatically ducking just when hearing the quack sound. The video is from 2009, but has only started to trend now. 


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Jan 112013

Stairs can be a terrifying venture for a puppy in a new home. And so was the case for Tim Doucette‘s adorable eight week old foster puppy.

The little guy was too scared to even go down a few steps! Luckily, their six month old lab Simon is a great role model and gave the little fluff ball walking down stairs tutorial that has quickly gone viralviral. 


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Jan 102013

Remember the viral video of a train car of Canadian commuters who burst into song on the way home from work? Apparently, public singing is not that rare in the chilly country. 

Danfi Parker was a a Tim Horton’s coffee shop in Canada when a group of elderly men suddenly burst into song, singing the famous tune Can You Feel The Love Tonight from Disney‘s animated film The Lion King.

Naturally, the listening patrons burst into applause. 


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Jan 102013

What kid doesn’t like the xylophone? There’s no wrong way to play it. This adorable Asian kid absolutely is a fan of the xylophone.

When it’s their turn to finally play, the cute kid transforms into a heavy metal drummer, and smashes the ‘phone like a true rock star!

The year old video by YMDMKT has only started to trend now, amassing over 85,000 views just this week.  


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