Jun 202014
Cute Baby Elephants Play Soccer

What’s cuter than a baby elephant? How about a bunch of baby elephants playing soccer? As the world is celebrating the World Cup, a special elephant orphanage is getting their residents into the game. Barcroft TV  reports that during playtime, the baby elephants love nothing more than playing soccer with their keepers at the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust facility.  


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Jun 192014
Dog Really Likes To Watch World Cup

The entire world is watching the World Cup in Brazil. But people aren’t the only fans of the World Cup. George the Red Setter absolutely loves watching the largest soccer match in the world. He doesn’t care who wins or loses, he’s just happy to watch the game. This adorable video by Bearaids has gone viral with over a quarter million views!


Via LaughingSquid

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Jun 182014
Formerly Blind Dog Sees For First Time

Benjamin May adorable Irish Terrier named Duffy lost his eyesight after suffering from a number of physical ailments including diabetes. Thankfully, the veterinarians were able to revive his sight after performing surgery. This touching viral video after the procedure shows the moment when Duffy sees his human family for the first time. Bet you’ve never heard a dog cry tears of joy before… 

This viral video has already amassed over 2 million views in less than a week!


Via MostWatchedToday

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