Mar 022014
Toddler Adorably Cries Every Time Brian Williams Comes On TV

Jordan M has an adorable baby who is completely content playing with his toys while mom and dad watch the news. 

But he has one rule: No Brian Williams

Every time Brian comes on the TV, the little tyke instantly breaks down in tears


Sorry Brian. 


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Mar 012014
Dad And Baby Daughter Have An Adorable Work Out Session Together

Father Michael Stansbury is already raising his precious daughter as a champion. Well, she’s really the one motivating him!

He tries his best while his adorable baby girl Lilly Ann performs baby push-ups, but can barely keep up. 

“This is tough, I can’t handle you,” he says to his little athlete. 

The video has gone viral on Facebook with over 30,000 shares already!


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Feb 282014
Adorably Sleepy Meerkat Struggles To Stay Awake

Jan Wenzel posted this adorable video in 2012, but it has only gone viral now.

 The clip features a sleepy meerkat who struggles to stay awake while hanging out in the gang. Like an exhausted student in an early morning class, the small mammal squints and blinks longer and longer until finally giving in to sleep while sitting up. 


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Feb 282014
Little Girl Playing With Baby Horse Is The Cutest

What little girl doesn’t dream of having a pet pony?

Icelander Gigja Einarsdottir‘s four year old daughter has the next best thing, a pet foal named Borgi. The little tyke plays with her baby horse in a field outside of Reykjavik, Iceland in this adorable video

Does it get any more precious? No. It doesn’t. 


Via DailyPicks

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