Apr 042013

Professional dog trainer Omar Muller has over one hundred dog trick videos on his channel, but only now has his week old BAD ASS DOG 2 video gone viral, amassing over 290,000 hits so far. 

In less than 60 seconds, his talented Border Collie Jumpy performs 20 outstanding dog tricks, such as riding a skateboard, performing a backflip, jumping from the roof of a van, and more. 


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Apr 012013

This emotional video was first published by Michael Krauter almost a month ago, but it has only gone viral over the weekend, amassing over 150,000 views just over the past few days. 

The Internet simply can’t get enough of grandparents-to-be reacting to the news that a grand-kid is on the way. Here, Michael and his wife surprise his in-laws at his father-in-laws 60th birthday party with the exciting news that a grand-baby is expected in September. Naturally, dad just smiles while mom has a full (very happy) nervous breakdown. 

The month old video has recently been covered on DailyPicks, CollegeHumorHuffPost, Reddit, and MotherGlow


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Apr 012013

Making an official April Fool’s video has grown so popular, this year, even the official White House YouTube channel has jumped aboard the wagon. They collaborated with none other than Kid President to adorably rise from the presidential podium instead of Barack Obama


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Mar 282013

Norwegian Frode Larsen published this adorable video on Sunday, and already it has been viewed over 170,000 times. In a beautiful field in Norway, little five year old Pernille plays with 14 well trained German Shepherds, tossing up sticks and cheering with glee. So Norway is basically a Disney movie in real life?

The cute clip is reminiscent of the classic viral video of a toddler playing in the Canadian forest with a pack of Saint Bernards


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Mar 272013

Dani Raske reports that a 6 year old endangered Rothschild giraffe named Petal gave birth last Friday to a happy, healthy baby at the Zoological Conservation Center in Greenwich, Connecticut. In this video taken only minutes after labor, the new calf stands for the first time.

Now, the new video has garnered over 250,000 views, and is featured on YahooNews, HuffPostWashingtonPost, and RightThisMinute.


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