May 172014
Freed Laboratory Dogs Experiencing Grass For First Time Will Warm Your Heart

The Beagle Freedom Project in on a mission to free dogs, specifically beagles, from laboratory testing. Last week, they rescued nine beagles from a lab in Nevada. The poor dogs had never experienced sunshine or grass before. It’s no surprise this touching video of the dogs enjoying their freedom in a grassy backyard has gone viral with over half a million views!


Via Gawker

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May 142014
Elephants Dramatically Save Young Calf Pulled By Powerful River Current

In this suspenseful video taken by Kicheche Laikipia safari guest Sandy Gelderman, two elephants help save a baby calf from the powerful current of the river. The herd was attempted to cross the rain-swollen Ewaso Nyiro river which had a very strong current. Even the grown elephants struggled with the river, so it was no surprise a young calf was quickly swept away.

Thankfully, an elephant close by jumped into action to help the calf until big mama arrived to the complete the extraction.

Phew. Thank goodness Dumbo is safe.


Via 22Words

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May 132014
Adorable Dog Is Not So Good At Catching Treats

Taylor Alexander Stephens has been trying her best to train her cute Great Pyrenees dog to catch treats tossed at her in the air. Let’s just say, Nana is not the fastest of learners. But don’t worry, she eventually picks up on the trick. Yay!


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May 122014
Cat Meeting Baby For First Time Is Precious

Bringing the new baby home to meet the family pet is always an anxious time. This first meeting between a newborn baby and an apprehensive cat is just precious. Kitty doesn’t seem to know how to react. Even though the video is from 2013, it has only gone viral now with over 300,000 new views!


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May 122014
Lucky Pet Owner Plays With His Squirrel

Who didn’t dream of having a pet squirrel when they were younger? The big tailed rodents are so adorable, and so much cooler than the average mouse as they can jump, climb, and basically fly high in the trees. Mark Justice is a lucky man as his dream for a pet squirrel has come true. He named her Eleanore, and even though she lives outside now, she comes to the deck at least once a day to play and have a snack. Lucky!

It’s no surprise this cute video has gone viral this past weekend with over half a million hits!


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