Oct 202013
Playing With A Friendly Platypus

Move aside cats, kittens, and puppies, there’s a new adorable creature charming viewers online, and it’s not a pet or even a ubiquitous animal. 

YouTube channel Cute Creatures Great And Small posted this video of a playful and friendly duck-billed platypus from the Healesville Sanctuary a week ago, and now the clip is going viral with over 200,000 views!


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Oct 202013
Inspiring Waitress Receives Huge $10,000 Check On Ellen

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is one of the most inspiring and uplifting talk shows on television today. In a recent episode, Ellen proved why her show is so well known for bringing smiles to viewers’ faces by changing the life of one waitress. 

During the government shut down, Sarah was waiting on a group of furloughed workers and decided to cover their bill. She ended up leaving her long shift with only a few bucks–not even enough to cover her gas for the day. 

After hearing this story, Ellen just had to invite Sarah on show, and paid her kindness forward with a check for $10,000!

And the web is loving it! The clip has already garnered over 350,000 views since debuting before the weekend!


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Oct 182013
Four Year Old Performs Jack Nicholson “You Can’t Handle The Truth” Speech In Bath

Shani Muschel is a huge fan of the 1992 film, A Few Good Men, so much so that she taught her four year old son Sruli the entire court room speech made famous by Jack Nicholson

In this adorable video, Sruli impressively performs the “You can’t handle the truth!” speech during bath-time with mom filling in for Tom Cruise. 


Thanks for the tip Shani!

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Oct 162013
Inky The Dog Opens Door For His Friend

Maureen Gilronan‘s seven month old pooch hates to be away from his friend Scooby, so he’s figured out a way to let him in–all without any proper training.

In this trending video, Maureen captured lil’ Inky opening the door for Scoobs with only the prompt of, “Let him in.”

Now, the clip is going viral, and is further featured on RightThisMinute, NowMSN, and NYDailyNews


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Oct 142013
Chinese Toddler Girls In World’s Cutest Taekwondo Fight

YouTuber Weiyeu2 posted this adorable martial arts video nearly two years ago, but the clip has recently resurfaced, appearing on sites like Neatorama and DailyPicks under the title World’s Cutest Taekwondo Fight

And the name seems quite appropriate as the cute clip features two precious Chinese toddlers competing in their first Taekwondo fight. 

“Fight” is really too strong of a word in this context, as the two seem to simply be play fighting for the sake of their over-zealous parents. 


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