Jun 162015
Well Trained Dog Gets Super Excited Before Dinner Time

Even the most well trained dogs usually can’t help themselves. When food is brought out they just go crazy, it’s instinctual. Justin Tokarsky‘s cute dog Indiana is well behaved but whenever he goes into the pantry and pulls out a bowl of food for her, she can’t help but jump around and do a little dance. Still, she waits until Justin give’s her the OK to eat though. Good dog. Now, this cute clip has instantly gone viral with over half a million views!


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Jun 132015
Toddler Helping His Baby Sister Walk Is The Cutest

Older brothers are notorious for trolling their little sisters. But little Elijah isn’t at that age yet. Instead, he’d rather help and encourage his baby sister to walk by guiding her with his toy car. “Good job sister!” Does it get any more adorable? No, it does not. 


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Jun 122015
Toddler Adorably Rocks Out To Rage Against The Machine On Guitar Hero

Most people get into the Rage Against The Machine during their rebellious teenage years. But Gabe White‘s adorable two year old toddler is already a raging rocker! While the classic hit Bulls on Parade was blasting the cute kid totally rocked out while ‘playing’ Guitar Hero. Rock on little one, rock on! 


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Jun 112015
Toddler Appropriately Freaks Out After Stepping In Dog Poo

Is there anything worse than walking down the street and realizing you stepped in dog poo? Actually, yes, there is something worse. This cute kid learned the hard way that the only thing worse than ruining your shoe by stepping in dog poop is stepping in the the foul stuff while barefoot! The toddler was appropriately more than upset after the accident.


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Jun 102015
Hippos Help Trapped Duckling Get Out Of Pool

Visitors of the Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo in the Netherlands saw an adorable scene take place at the hippopotamus exhibit. A mother duck and her ducklings took a dip in the hippo pool, but when mom decided to leave one of the ducklings couldn’t get out! Thankfully, the hippos noticed the trapped duckling and helped the little guy climb out. So cute! It’s no wonder this precious video has gone viral with over 200,000 hits!


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