Oct 302015
Dog Adopts Baby Opossum

This adorable video was published by MyrtleBeachSafari at the end of January, but it has only gone viral now with over 800,000 videos! Poncho the baby opossum was found holding onto his mother after she had sadly been hit by a car. His odds of surviving her slim. But thankfully, Hantu the white German Shepherd was thrilled to act as a foster parent. 


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Oct 292015
Baby Adorably Joins Dogs In Howling

Larry Woods has two labs, a chocolate and yellow one, who both loves to howl. The two dogs will frequently get into what he calls howling competitions where they will try to see who can howl loudest.

And now his cute baby son has joined in on the action. So cute!


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Oct 282015
Man Rescues Injured Baby Deer

Honeysada lives pretty far out in the woods. So it was no surprise when they saw a mama deer give birth to two fawns in their backyard. But after watching the new family, they noticed one of the babies seemed to have an injured leg. Soon, the mama deer left leaving the injured fawn behind. With so many bears and wolves around, they decided to take in the baby deer until it was strong enough to be released back into the wild. So cute! This adorable month old video has gone viral with over four million views!


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Oct 272015
Baby Is Adorably Smothered By Puppies

Is there anything cuter than a baby and a puppy? How about two puppies? Pugsnkisses84‘s baby son Louie is already a big fan of their dog pack. You’ll have a hard time watching this precious video of their two puppies smothering Louie with kisses and affection without smiling. So cute!


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Oct 272015
Wife Surprises Husband With Pregnancy News With Blind Taste Test

The Internet has already seen countless emotional videos in which wives and girlfriends surprise their significant others with the exciting news that they’re pregnant. DudeLikeHELLA‘s wife decided to tell her hubby the good news with a blind taste test. Once he realized he was eating baby food it all started to come together. Congratulations! 


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