Nov 042011

Very awkward  goes around exciting events and tries to interview people in the most awkward, uncomfortable way possible. At the Nitro Circus in Las Vegas, he succeeds again at weirding people out. He’s mostly ignored, or pitied as ‘special’. TheHighDefinite and TastefullyOffensive are helping the video go viral. 


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Jul 142011

I wish we had Australian TV here in America, even though it may not be as ‘clean’ and ‘sleek’, it’s just so much more entertaining. On the Today morning show, the hosts talk with  Paul Burt about a possible shark in a local swimming lake. It starts off awkward when the hosts starts cracking up laughing, and ends even worse, when Paul throws his lure into the water to catch the shark, but ends up really catching a duck! TV gold. The video is featured on Asylum


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Jun 272011

The Chris Brown Rihanna controversy is still fresh in fan’s minds. It seems like yesterday when the story of the celebrity domestic violence was just in the news. So when award announcers at the BET Awards mix up the winner it’s double awkward. First, you just mixed up the award winner on live television in front of millions. Second, first you said Chris Brown won, then, in the same breath, have to correct yourself, and say it was really Rihanna. Then really, it’s Drake. Big oops, and big awkward. The story is featured on NYMag.


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May 252011

For fake royalty, the most important thing is etiquette and protocol. During his visit to England, President Obama gave a toast to the Queen of England. But the band started early, and Obama was caught in the middle of his toast.

When he finished, he gestured to the Queen, but she and everyone else didn’t react at all-the ever important song was playing. So the President of America looked like a fool, and only after the song was there an awkward recognition of the toast.


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May 032011

There are unspoken rules on the New York City subway. Screaming and requesting people to sing is definitely a big no. After Osama’s death, one idiot on a packed subway says today is a special day and asks people to chant, ‘USA, USA.’

It’s horribly brutal. No one says a sound. New Yorkers aren’t that into mindless, meaningless chants like, ‘USA,’ especially on a packed subway. He quits after a couple shouts and everyone looks at him like he’s a dope.




Update: CNN covers the ‘story’.


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