Oct 172012

Tommy is bad with girls, and has decided to trust pop stars’ words instead of his own. After succeeding to go viral asking girls out with Blink-182 lyrics, the awkward teen is back, this time following Taylor Swift‘s lead.

Is he as successful as the guy who tried using Call Me Maybe lyrics to woo women in NYC

Already, his new video is trending, and has been covered on EntertainmentWeekly, HuffingtonPost, YouTubeTrends, and TheFW.


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Oct 152012

Awkward college Prankster at LAHWF have again created a viralviral masterpiece. In the prank video, simply titled, ‘Awkward Elevator,’ Andrew acts as weird, awkward, and creepy as possible while riding the elevator with his unsuspecting prank victims.

Now, the week old video has over 2.3 million views


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Jun 252012

Andrew Hails of the prank comedy group  is back with their latest awkward social experiment. All college kids are hungry, so Andrew walked around campus literally asking people if he could get a bite of their food. Ye, it’s as awkward as it sounds. 


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Jun 202012

Time sure travels fast on the Internet. Barely 48 hours after announcing their newest tablet computer product, dubbed Surface, Microsoft has already had an embarrassing Surface moment.

During the official Surface presentation, the tablet froze on the presenter, which is probably the worst thing that could occur at a tech announcement, second to the device literally exploding on stage. 


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Jun 112012

Tommy, who many have already called Michael Cera‘s long lost brother, shockingly isn’t all that great with the ladies. He’s also a huge Blink-182 fan.

So to give him the confidence boost he needed, he used Blink song lyrics to ask girls out. It’s as awkward as it sounds, but it was all worth it. Tommy won the Blink-182 2012 European Tour Commercial Contest!!

The video is featured on DailyPicks, HuffintonPost, and Reddit


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