Jun 202012

Time sure travels fast on the Internet. Barely 48 hours after announcing their newest tablet computer product, dubbed Surface, Microsoft has already had an embarrassing Surface moment.

During the official Surface presentation, the tablet froze on the presenter, which is probably the worst thing that could occur at a tech announcement, second to the device literally exploding on stage. 


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Jun 112012

Tommy, who many have already called Michael Cera‘s long lost brother, shockingly isn’t all that great with the ladies. He’s also a huge Blink-182 fan.

So to give him the confidence boost he needed, he used Blink song lyrics to ask girls out. It’s as awkward as it sounds, but it was all worth it. Tommy won the Blink-182 2012 European Tour Commercial Contest!!

The video is featured on DailyPicks, HuffintonPost, and Reddit


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May 142012

The famous creator of Marcel The Shell, aka Dean Fleischer-Camp, has returned to YouTube from their long term hiatus. But they haven’t published another adorable Shell video in the series.

No, this video, appropriately titled Smile, is a very awkward compilation of people smiling and waiting for their picture to be taken, only for the photographer to be recording video. As authors of the super viral and popular Marcel The Shell videos, this too has instantly gone viral. 


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Apr 302012

Comedy college prank group  is back with another prank video on campus. Everyone knows how awkward it is when a stranger holds the door open for you when you’re just a little too far away. Imagine how terrible it is when Corey purposefully holds the door open for people who are waaaay too far away. 


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