Mar 252016
That Moment When Your Friends Don’t Like The Video You Showed Them

We’ve all been there. We watch a hilarious video and insist our friends watch it. But when you finally get the crowd around the screen, no one is laughing. Why aren’t they laughing? What’s wrong with them? Or… what’s wrong with me?


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Mar 062016
Teens Struggling To Use An Older PC Running Windows 95 Is Cringey

Today, most of us take our modern smooth running computer operating systems for granted. But back in 1995, Windows was still in its infancy. Windows 95 truly changed the game with the Start button and many other aspects of Windows that we still use today. But can today’s teens who are surrounded by technology wrap their heads around Windows 95? The Fine Brothers found out in this awkward video. 


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Feb 202016
110 Year Old Woman Is Not That Excited To Be On TV

Most people are super psyched to be on TV. Flossie Dickey is not one of those people. After she turned 110 years old, Fox of Spokane thought it would make for a great human interest story to talk to her about her long life. 

Flossie didn’t seem that interested though. This unusual news interview has gone viral with over 200,000 views!


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Dec 062015
Things Get Really Creepy At Christmas Party When Guests Deman

Things are always a little tense when you’re the new couple at the neighborhood holiday party. But if the people are nice, it’s easy to make new friends and acquaintances. Things were going great at first at this Christmas party. 

But the situation quickly unraveled when Doug, played by Ryan Gosling, and Gina, played by Vanessa Bayer, thought they were going to meet the real Santa Claus. Seriously… WTF? 


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Dec 012015
Black Friday In Brazil Is Not What You Might Expect

Black Friday has nearly become an unofficial holiday in America. Many people have a tradition of lining up and shopping after their Thanksgiving family dinner. In other countries, that’s not exactly the case. Apparently, the businesses in Brazil are trying to train consumers in the same way, so they had Black Friday sales. The only problem was that no one showed up. Awkward…


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