Mar 052014
Ellen Unveils The Behind The Scenes At The Oscars

The Academy Awards is one of television’s most watched annual programs. The glitz, the glamour, viewers can’t get enough. 

As Ellen was the host this year, she had the special opportunity to show her viewers a special peek at the behind the scenes of what goes into hosting the Oscars. 


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Mar 032014
The 86th Oscars In Under 2 Minutes

Did you have time to watch the entire Academy Awards last night? In case you missed any of the celebrity excitement, Digg put together this quick review of the 86th Oscars, covering all of the highlights in under 2 minutes.


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Mar 032014
Reese Witherspoon Teleports At Independent Spirit Awards

Remember, everything you see on television is real. Especially live events. Nothing is fake. 

Mediocre Bowl demonstrates just how untrue this common misconception is in this clip from the Independent Spirit Awards.

After announcing the Spirit Award for Bob Nelson, Reese Witherspoon is shown in the crowd applauding in surprise, and then again back on stage.

Obviously, Reese has magical powers and can teleport. There’s no other explanation. The TV can’t lie. 


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Nov 102013
Sacha Baron Cohen Knocks Elderly Woman In Wheel Chair Off Stage At 2013 Britannia Awards

This BBC America clip from this year’s Britannia Awards featuring world famous prankster Sacha Baron Cohen is understood as an obvious setup by veteran Internet viewers.

After being bestowed with the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy, Sacha accepted Charlie Chaplin’s cane as a gift from an elderly woman in a wheel chair who was introduced as the oldest living actor to have worked with Chaplin himself. 

Sacha then broke out into a Charlie Chaplin inspired tap dance, fell forward after breaking the cane, and harshly knocked the elderly woman in the wheelchair off stage!

Attendees were horror struck, as they apparently had no idea it was setup.

Now the clip has instantly gone viral!

Read more about the awards show on DeadLine, USAToday, and PopWatch



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Nov 052013
Eminem Performs ‘Rap God’ At YouTube Music Awards

The YouTube Music Awards have already come and gone. Did you miss the show?

One of the highlights from the first ever online awards program was Artist of the Year winner Eminem performing his new hit single Rap God

Video of his live performance has gone viral with over 750,000 hits already!


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