May 102016
Toddler With Autism Falls In Love With Snow White At Walt Disney World

Everyone with an autistic person in their life knows that one of the most obvious side effects of the disorder is the difficulty to visually connect with other people. Mother Amanda Coley knows this too well with her two year old son. 

But she was thrilled when they visited Disney World when Jack apparently fell in love with Snow White. Now, this adorable video has exploded on Facebook!


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Oct 182012

 will be airing a Night of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together for Autism Programs special on Sunday, October 21 at 8/7c, and has published a teaser clip that has instantly gone viral. 

Jodi DiPiazza is a huge fan of Katy Perry like any teenage girl. But unlike most girls, Jodi has autism. But she and her parents were determined to persevere and defeat any obstacle the disability put in her way.

With the help of a special education and therapy program, Jodi has become unstoppable.

How far has she come? Last Sunday she performed her favorite Katy Perry song with Katy in front of millions of people at the Night Of Too Many Stars.

Baby, you are a firework.

Katy was so touched by per duo performance that after the event she tweeted, “I will never forget last night. It was the most important moment thus far of what I do.”

Tonight, she kicked started the social sharing of the video by tweeting that “Jodi is my firework.” 

The video is also further featured on EW, Examiner, SeattleTimes, and USMagazine


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May 142012

Blues bellower Tyler Gregory was busking on the streets on Lawrence, Kansas like he usually does when he was approached by a young boy and his anxious mom.

The eight year old was Jacob, a blind boy with autism. Gregory understood Jacob wasn’t just any ordinary child, and let him hold the guitar so he could literally feel the music. The touching and powerful video instantly went viral today after being featured on Reddit.


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Apr 262012

It’s no secret that people with autism often express amazing musical talent. And so is the case with six year old Ethan W who is on the autism spectrum. 

At a very young age Ethan was already playing piano, and now he has had his first viral breakthrough playing the Billy Joel classic Piano Man with his dad on guitar. 


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May 132011

A lucky man was given the chance to sing the National Anthem at a baseball game. He’s autistic, and did a great job. But towards the end he kind of loses it. The people start to sing along until the entire stadium is singing along for the finale. It’s a National Anthem that will bring you to tears.


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