Apr 192016
River Monsters Crew Saves Lost Fisherman

While recording in Australia for the show River Monsters, the Animal Planet crew made an incredible discovery near the beach. A stranded fisherman was screaming for their help. He had lost his boat two days before and had no water. 

If they hadn’t saved him then, he would not have survived much longer. 


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Apr 062016
Out Of Control Semi-Truck Just Misses Parked Truck

An Aussie truck driver was traveling down the road when he pulled up to see a fallen tree blocking the road. A woman had pulled over after accidentally running over the large tree. While the two were talking they noticed another semi-truck speeding their way. The truck was literally out of control! It smashed over the fallen tree, and just narrowly missed the woman and the parked truck. Thaknfully, no one was hurt. Phew!


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Feb 292016
Aussie Teens Go Crabbing By Hand And Have Seafood BBQ

Even though it’s nearly March, it’s still pretty cold and nasty outside. Not so in Australia where it is averaging in the mid 70’s right now. And the Tarra Darra Brothers are enjoying every minute of the nice weather. 

In this extended clip, the boys go hunting for mud crabs and have a seafood BBQ that makes Red Lobster look like, well, Red Lobster. Jealous? Yes. 


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Dec 132015
Aussie Road Train Driver Demonstrates How To Drive Through Gate

Things are a little different down under. As their rail-system is slightly lacking, and most of the country is empty, semi-trucks loaded with three or more wagons, called road trains, are the most popular form of delivery. This road train ‘conductor’ is such a master, he leaves his truck slowly coasting forward as he gets out to open a gate.


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Dec 022015
Daring Australian Boy Captures Sting Ray Mother Right Before She Gives Birth

What is up with these daring Australians? It seems they love getting themselves into very dangerous situation with wild animals. Miller Wilson is only twelve years old, but he is already starting a career that Steve Irwin would be proud of. In this shocking video, the kid captures a sting ray with a giant stinger and luckily doesn’t get poked. Whats even more amazing is that she was pregnant and gave birth to a bunch of babies right on camera.


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