Jun 302015
USA Challenges Japan To Giant Robot Battle

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, now is the perfect time for MegaBots Inc to announce their brand new giant robot, the Mark 2. What’s more American than a giant machine made of high strength metal that guzzles gas? But you can’t just build a giant robot for no reason, so MegaBots Inc has challenged Japanese robot maker Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a giant robot battle. 


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Jun 232015
Japanese Cleaning Crew Clean Bullet Train In Just 7 Minutes

This video was originally published by Tokyo in January, but it has only gone viral now with over 3 million new views! The Japanese are renown around the world for their diligence and efficiency. These traits can be found in the Japanese culture in nearly everything they do, even cleaning a train. Dateline Tokyo journalist Charli James got to go behind the scenes to see how the maintenance crew cleans one of Japan’s famous super fast bullet trains in exactly seven minutes each time. 


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Jun 132015
Japanese Butter And Jam Is Genius

The Japanese are renown around the world for their impressive efficiency, technological inventions, and out of the box thinking. Cableton1994 was in Japan when he found a genius single-use butter and jam container that makes enjoying butter and jam on toast easy and quick. You don’t even need a knife! Just squeeze the container and viola! 


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Jun 012015
Japanese Girl Eats Giant 6 Pound Bowl Of Ramen

Yuka Kinoshita looks like your average Japanese girl, but she has a hobby that you’d never expect. She is a competitive eater. For her latest project, she emptied six pounds of delicious, chewy ramen into a bowl and pounded it all down in no time at all. This video has gone viral with over one million views!


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May 282015
Dog Repays Man’s Kindness In The Best Way Possible In Thai Commercial

Commercials in Thailand are not like those in the West. Frequently, companies will commission sweet and touching short stories that have little to do with their product. In this new viral commercial by Thai bank Kiatnakin, a young man decides to give away his snack on a stick after seeing a hungry stray dog. He never expected the dog to repay his kindness all day. This touching commercial already has over 3.3 million views!


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