Jan 302016
Army Ranger Buys Two Kids Food At Taco Bell After


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Jan 212016
Actual Audio From Vietnam Vet’s Mission

Mark Garrison is a Vietnam vet who wrote a book about his experience as a pilot in the US military, titled GUTS N’ GUNSHIPS. Somehow, he stumbled upon the actual audio from one of his mission in ‘Nam while extracting US troops that were being overrun by thousands of enemy troops. It’s a powerful scene. 


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Jan 192016
How A Tank Crosses Trench Very Slowly And Very Quickly Couldn’t Be More Different

The tank was invented in the early 20th century just in time for two horribly devastating world wars. It was built to withstand almost anything and can traverse nearly any terrain. So if a tank comes up to a deep trench, what should the driver do?

You can either hit the brakes and slowly and carefully cross the hole. Or you can put your foot to the floor, like in this viral video. Posted online in 2008, this clip is trending with over 500,000 new views!


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Jul 072015
240 Years Of American Army Uniforms

Even though America’s birthday has just passed, IJReview only published this patriotic video now. As America is such a young country, there have not been that many different uniforms in the army. Here are all the different US Army uniforms, from the Revolutionary War to the War in Afghanistan, in just 120 seconds. Happy Independence Day!


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Oct 072014
Army Vet Throws Grenade Style First Pitch

Retired U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Brian Keaton had the honor of the ceremonial first pitch for the MLB. The father of five was wounded in Iraq from a bomb, and spent years recovering from the physical and emotional wounds. To celebrate his new health, he threw the first pitch just like a grenade. Get down!


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