Jun 162013

Us Yanks can’t help but be entertained by the cliche sports announcers from across the pond. Especially because the game of cricket is preferred by most redcoats, their coverage of baseball just doesn’t sound right.

Anthony Richardson and TheExplodingHeads take this concept to the Nth degree in Bad British Baseball Commentary, where a mock British announcer tries his British best to report on a Red Sox-Yankees game. 

Just over the weekend, the humorous video has been seen over 400,000 times


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Aug 102012

NBC has been getting a lot of negative attention for their abysmal delivery of the London Olympics. Constant spoilers, mixed up times and schedules, and editing anything that wasn’t blatantly America are just some of the complaints. 

And now this super cut of some of the commentators ‘being dicks‘ by Jest has gone viral, being featured on Tosh.0, Reddit, and TO. While the athletes perform amazing, wondrous feats, all the announcers can do is belittle them.


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Jun 152012

Remember the Internet famous JK Wedding Entrance Dance back in 2009? Well, there is finally some competition for having the most awesome and unique wedding celebration. 

Last weekend’s Jaquette & Perkins wedding was a lovely affair like most weddings. But it got a special sports-lovers kick when it was discovered that 1990’s Chicago Bulls announcer Ray Clay was in the house.

The bridal party introductions was truly a one of a kind event. The video is featured on TheDailyWhatSportsGrid, and DeadSpin


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Feb 012011

At a Kansas vs. Kansas State game, the TV pans to announcer Erin Andrews to add her two cents. A chubby fat kid stands up behind her and points to her, mouthing, ‘Hot!’ You know what chubby, you are correct, ten points for Huffle Puff.

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