Jun 172015
Having A Pet Dinosaur Is The Worst

Everyone is a little dino-happy now that the new Jurassic World film is out. Teresa Richards, Brian White, Laurel Durkan and Brickyard VFX were inspired by the new Jurrasic movie to make this short comedy sketch in which a pet raptor acts like a cat and knocks a man’s bowl of cereal off of the counter. Just to be a jerk. 


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Jun 172015
Guilty Dog Adorably Tries To Scoot Away

Melissa Lee came home to find that someone had been messing around in the trash can in the kitchen. Her primary suspect was Matzo, her cute dog. But when she confronted Matzi, the guilty dog just looked down and tried to scoot away. This adorable guilty dog video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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Jun 162015
Dog Helps Carry Shopping Bags Into The House

Besides for paying for the bill, the worst part about grocery shopping is hauling all those shopping bags into the house. Thankfully, this family has Millie the awesome pug who loves to help carry in the bags from the car, even if her rottweiler companions just walk along. 


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Jun 132015
Deer Break Into House Using Doggy Door

Mike Struble posted this video over two year ago, but it has only gone viral now with over 300,000 new views this year! Mike was by his backdoor when he found a little deer in his house apparently looking for some food it smelled. Just as he turned on his camera, a second deer came in through the doggy door. Darn it! 


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Jun 122015
Disabled Dog Walks Again After Rehab

The California Animal Rehabilitation facility located in Santa Monica published this touching pet video in 2008, but it has only gone viral now with over 750,000 new views! The clip features Sammi the dog who sadly had a degenerative disease that left him disabled. But after lots of hard work at the facility, Sammi is now walking again!


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