Sep 152014
Woman Misses Building Implosion Because Of Her Nervous Dog

It seemed the entire neighborhood had come out to watch the Queen Lane Apartment building in Philadelphia implode. It’s not everyday a large building is taken down with explosives. Kevin Sohnly was one of those people and had his camera recording the entire time. 

His video has since gone viral, not because of the building coming down, but rather because of one woman who brought her dog with her. The dog naturally freaked out, causing her to miss the building coming down at the last moment. 

Maybe next time don’t bring a dog to a scene where there will be loud explosives… 


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Sep 142014
Diver Befriends Eel

This nature video was published by Central Florida Aquarium Society in the summer, but the clip has only gone viral now. Diver Valerie Taylor explains how over years of diving she recognized and finally befriended a Spotted Moray Eel. Naturally, viewers are jealous as they want an eel friend. 


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Sep 132014
Pit Bull Being Reunited With His Rescuer Will Melt You Heart

Owner of Marine Animal society Joey Wagner noticed a pit bull puppy in distress and saved the poor pup. Joey brought the dog to an animal rescue society to get the love and care he needed. Later, Joe came to visit Mojo the pit bull puppy. He and the nurses weren’t sure if Mojo would remember him. He remembered his savior all right!

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Sep 092014
Husky Howls That He Doesn’t Wanna Leave The Park

While visiting the doggy park, Josh Gottsegen noticed one husky who refused to leave when his owner called him. Instead, the talkative husky expressed himself verbally, howling a definitive “No!”  

This cute video from last year is trending again now, and stands with over 1.4 million hits!


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Sep 082014
Dog With Broken Front Legs Hops Through Doorway

Jason Sanders‘ cute dog was sadly in a recent accident. She’s OK now, but she has casts on her front legs as well as a cone of shame. But that didn’t stop the energetic pup from running around. Somehow, she has learned to basically walk on her hind legs, and simply hops to get through the door


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