Feb 082012

You’ve probably heard of swimming with dolphins, but surfing with dolphins? While surfing off the coast of St. Pete Beach, Florida, this surfer had the special once in a life time opportunity to surf side-by-side with some dolphins. The week old video just went viral, being viewed more than 100,000 times in just the past few days and being featured on YouTubeTrends


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Feb 072012

If you ever have a chance to meet an elephant, always proceed with extreme caution. These great beasts maybe friendly at times, but if you do something they don’t like, you’re bound to hear about it–most likely by getting a hard slam with their extremely strong trunks.


Thanks Matthew and Terrence!

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Feb 042012

What’s cuter than a cuddly new born kitten? How about a kitten with two cute faces? Nash Hand and his wife Amanda Forsythe were lucky enough to be the kitty-grandparents for a two faced cat which they named Harvey Dent, after the Batman two faced villain.

Sadly, the kitty didn’t make it and passed away only two days old according to ABC7. The video is also featured on DailyMailCopCop, and Buzzfeed.


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Feb 032012

 asks the very important Internet question. Do big cats purr? Scientist disagree on the issue, but there are some definite big cats that do actually purr, like lynx, cheetahs, and cougars. Some say ‘great cats,’ like lions and tigers, can roar instead of purr. 


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Feb 032012

This unpopular vintage nature video from 2010 just went viral now, being viewed more than 180,000 times in just the past week.

Never mess with a new mother, no matter the species. This crab thought it could easily sneak into this booby’s nest and find something for breakfast, but it was very mistaken.

The boobies ferociously fought to protect their new younglings, and the crab had to retreat with a broken arm. But that’s no big deal for a crab. It just grabs the bad arm and yanks it off so a new one can grow in its place. 


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