Jun 252012

Everyone knows that cats and humans have a pretty topsy turvy bond. Who’s really the boss in this relationship?

 made this upside down spoof of the oh so many ‘how to walk your pet’ tutorials to showcase our strange feline-people friendship.

Instead, this teaches cats how to walk their humans. The video was featured on Arbroath, and then subsequently BlameItOnTheVoices, TheDailyWhat, and Neatorama.


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Jun 252012

 filed this report. In the Chinese city of Taizhou, duck farmer Hong Minghs knows that nature is best. So he marches his ducks to a feeding pond a couple times a year to get plenty of bugs to eat and save on food costs. People stuck in traffic behind the 5,000 bird march don’t seem as pleased about the march. 


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Jun 242012

Peanut the baby turtle is eleven months old and is simply adorable.  posted a unique close up of Peanut enjoying a single raspberry that is already featured on TheDailyWhatBuzzFeed, and DailyPicks.

It takes the little bugger oh so long to finally get a good bite, and that’s exactly what makes it so satisfying. 


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Jun 222012

Most people immediately become terrified at the sighting of a bear, especially when it’s right outside the house. But not . He saw a bear outside, and when he finally spotted it again, he seems almost excited. “Oh, there he is. Hey, bear. What’s up bear?” 

Amazingly, at no point does the cameraman seem fazed by the fact that a powerful bear that could maul his face was just feet away. The two had a semi-dramatic stand off, each beast trying to bluff the other. Finally, he scared the bear away by running after it, screaming, “Run, bear, run!”

 Do not try this at home. 


*Thanks to Bill for keeping our editors on their toes!

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