Feb 092013

This video was posted by hoove9mm a little more than a year ago, but it has only gone viralviral now after appearing on Reddit. For some reason, his cat Onyx won’t eat without ‘permission.’ So every meal, the little guy meows and bugs him until the owner goes all the way to the food bowl and gives a nice reassuring pet that, yes kitty, you can eat now


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Feb 072013

What’s cuter than a tiny new born piglet? How about a piglet with disabled hind-legs? Len Lucero‘s adorable ten day old pig doesn’t have use of his rear legs, so Len created a wheel chair of sorts for his lil’ piggy.

Now, Chris P Bacon can ‘walk’ around the house like any other pet with the help of the wheelchair device made from common toy pieces.

The three week old video is going viral, and has collected over 215,000 views so far! It is also featured on HuffPost, Jezebel, and MostWatched


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Feb 062013

Ricadamu posted this video about Aussie bat-mom Trish Wimberley a month ago, but it has only gone viral now. Trish looks after hundreds of orphaned bats at her bat sanctuary until they are strong enough to be released into the wild. It’s a painstaking process that costs her thousands of dollars, but she and her devoted volunteers are dedicated no matter the human or monetary cost. 


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Feb 012013

It seems Budweiser has scored an emotional touchdown with their nontraditional Superbowl ad set to air this Sunday. Usually, beer commercials are ‘bro’ oriented, focusing on explosions, attractive women, loud parties, and big muscle cars.

Instead, Budweiser has wooed viewers with this touching commercial about a farmer and his Clydesdales horse that he raised to be apart of the Budweiser family. 

In just one short day, the commercial has collected over one million views already. 


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Jan 312013

NSFW Warning – language

Eccentric YouTuber Ze Frank is continuing his ever popular ‘True Facts‘ series. In his latest episode, he has a mock conversation with the Leaf Katydid, an insect that dates back to prehistoric times as is evident by its creepy body camouflage. 


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