Apr 112013

The ‘dogs with human hands,’ or ‘people with dog heads’ trend–depending on how you look at it–continues online. Cameron Owens has joined in on the fun with a musical twist, having his two dogs Smoke and Mrs. Molly play a little bluegrass banjo duet together

Now, the two week old video has amassed over 225,000 views, and is featured on DailyOfTheDay, Collegehumor, IHaveSeenWholeInternet, and RightThisMinute


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Apr 102013

MisterEpicMann has instantly gone viral with their hilarious new video How Animals Eat Their Food which has already accumulated over 700,000 hits in just two days. 

While one friend quietly and politely enjoys his dinner, his buddy very crudely acts out how animals eat their food, such as a cow, alligator, kangaroo, and more. The video is featured on TastefullyOffensive, HuffPost, Imgur, and MostWatchedToday


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Apr 092013

An enormous gaggle of geese is always a sight to see. And now that Spring is upon us, the flocks shall be migrating again. 

Bernardo Caspe was with his cute kid when they happened upon a great gather of geese in a field. After recording the geese on his Android, his daughter looks at the camera and says, “Just look at all those… chickens!” 

Someone must have had trouble in kindergarten. Chickens go ‘cluck cluck,’ geese go ‘honk honk.’


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Apr 092013

Animal lover Adam Cox brings this story about a special bat. Blossom is a rare Australian flying fox bat who came into the care of Louise Saunders from the Bat Conservation & Rescue.

During her stay, the little girl enjoyed a nectar mix recipe and occasionally some milk. Finally, after gaining some weight, she was released into the wild.

Blossom was so rare, that in all of her 18 years of bat work, Louise says she had never handled a blossom bat before. 

The week old video is now going viral, and is already featured on PopularScience, CuteOverLoad, and LaughingSquid


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Apr 092013

Peter Buban says his coworkers wife was looking out the window one afternoon when she saw a truly one of a kind event. A raccoon was walking from one house across the alleyway to another using the phone and electrical lines as support wires, just like a trapeze artist. 


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