Apr 222013

European Starlings are finicky little birds who love to bath every day. Problem is, they move so swiftly that it’s actually difficult to see their bathing techniques clearly with just the eyes.

Thankfully, EarthUnplugged‘s slow motion cameras help slow everything down for us to watch the Starlings bath in all their grace.  


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Apr 212013

By now, most online viewers have seen the hilarious How Animals Eat Their Food viral video. In just two weeks, the parody of animal eating habits has been seen over 45 million times.

Naturally, many parodies and spoofs of the original have surfaced. Last week, Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues published this cutesy cartoon parody which showcases two animals demonstrating how people eat their food, and now they have gone viral in their own right. Already, the video has amassed over half a million views.  


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Apr 172013

A week ago, MisterEpicMann went viralviral with their hilarious How Animals Eat Their Food Parody video. In just seven days, the video has amassed over 39 million views

Since then, it seems humans parodying animals has become a new trend. Alena Naff is keeping the trend alive with this animal spoof video, If Humans Crossed the Street Like Animals.

As a car approaches, Peter VanDalen demonstrates how varying animals cross the street from the driver’s perspective. Already, the video has appeared on DailyOfTheDay, TastefullyOffensive, HuffingtonPost, and TwentyTwoWords.


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Apr 172013

Soap operas all seem to follow the same recipe and formula. And that definitely applies to the music. In every dramatic scene when Amy admits she’s been cheating on Matt with a vampire but still loves him, that high pitched piano enters the musical realm. 

Back in 2011, YouTuber TV Boy88 thought the music on soaps were so bad that they could recreate the same sound with just their cat and a keyboard. Amazingly, with just the help of a few kitty treats, that’s exactly what they did.

But only now has the video exploded online, amassing over 100,000 views just today. 


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Apr 152013

If a child was asked, ‘which would win in a fight, a gorilla or goose,’ they would obviously answer the gorilla. But as any grown person knows, size isn’t the only factor in a fight in the animal kingdom.

Zoo staff at the Sedgwick County Zoo caught a stand off between a gorilla and a goose which had flown into it’s exhibit. The two creatures stared each other down until finally, the goose had enough and charged the great ape.  

Even more incredible is the fact that the gorilla cowered in surrender. Of course, the camera’s microphone picks up many more out of sight geese.

Perhaps the ape knew better than to mess with one goose of a much greater flock…


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