Apr 122013

Just this Wednesday, Mister Epic Mann published their original How Animals Eat Their Food Parody. Incredibly, the video has already amassed over 16 million views. Now that’s going viralviral!

Just like Hollywood, the online copycats and cover artists have already emerged. That includes German comedians Onkel Bernis Welt who have just published what they believe to be a proper sequel to the first.

But some already argue that this version, How Animals Eat Their Food Part 2, may actually be superior to the original, such as Big Brick Films Studios who says, “I think your version is much better than the original. Love it !”

One must admit their eagle imitation is simply hilarious. 


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Apr 122013

This video of a woodchuck eating an ice cream cone has gone viral! Uploaded by pet obsessed PETSAMI, the cute clip literally shows a woodchuck holding an ice cream cone in the traditional manner, and chowing down. 

Luxs3 can’t help but become over-analytical, asking, “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck didn’t eat ice cream.” 


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Apr 122013

The web’s most popular animated feline, Simon’s Cat, has finally returned with a new episode. In Screen Grab, Simon’s cat, and his kitty friend, accidentally turn the TV on. After flipping through the channels, they finally knock the television over like so many household pets have before them.

JubJubBirdProduction is fond of the days when cats could sit on the TV without an issue, commenting, “Good old times, when your cat could sit on those huge TVs. Not crash it.”


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Apr 112013

NSFW Warning – Language

Surprises while fishing are almost guaranteed to go viral if caught on camera. Last summer, Sarah Brame went viralviral after a shark stole the catch she was reeling in–all caught on video. Now, her video stands with over 11 million views

Isaac Brumaghim maybe the next fisherman to go viral. He was on a routine kayak fishing trip off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii when a tiger shark broke the water trying to steal his catch.

After the initial excitement calmed, Isaac couldn’t help but scream expletives as a way to cope with the quick surge of adrenaline and energy. It’s not everyday you find yourself just feet away from a such a powerful beast and live to tell, or post online, about it. 

“Holy sh*t! Oh my God. Whoo!” he screamed.

Now, his new video, appropriately titled Chompy The Shark, has gone viral, amassing over 400,000 views in just one day. It has also been featured by Mirror, NowMSN, Devour, and Fox


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