Mar 152016
Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction To Soldier Owner Coming Home

Dogs emotionally reacting to their owners coming home from battle has been a favorite online for years. Still, this new video of an elderly dog basically dog-crying for joy when their soldier owner returned from basic training is going viral. Simply precious! This video already has amassed over 1.75 million hits!


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Mar 132016
Dog Sitter Dresses Bulldog Up As Different Characters

Why is the bulldog so popular? Just look at that face! While out of the house for a while, a couple hired a doggy sitter for their bulldog Wilson. Instead of just sending them text messages or pictures of updates of Wilson, the sitter sent these short video clips of Wilson dressed up as countless different characters, such as a nurse, a school girl, a skier, and more! 


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Mar 112016
Reporter Notices Dog Riding Lawnmower

While covering the serious after effects of a brutal tornado in Texas, one reporter found something cute and funny to raise the spirit of viewers. In the background, she noticed a dog sitting on a riding lawn mower as if he pup was driving it. 

So cute! 


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Mar 102016
Puppy Family Reunion Is Adorable

Family reunions are always an emotional experience. But it’s not just humans who have memories connected with their emotions. Four years ago, Laura Lane and her boyfriend adopted a dog from an animal shelter. 

Later, they decided to have a puppy family reunion, and somehow found a few other owners who had the rest of the puppies. Just precious! This video has gone viral with over 250,000 hits!


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Mar 012016
Real Dog ‘Battles’ With Dog Robot

The idea of a robotic pet is becoming more and more of a reality. Google’s Boston Dynamics group already has a super high tech four-legged creature called spot that is pretty dog like. In this viral video Spot plays with, or depending how you look at it, ‘battles’ a real dog. Who shall win? This video has over 300,000 hits!


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