Jun 092014
Protective Dog Tries To Fight Off Bear On TV

Akita the dog is one protective animal. Every time a bear comes on TV, the pup instantly runs to the television to fight off the attacking bear. Good thing they live in the UK. Brit Jay Perkins posted this adorable video in 2010, but it recently resurfaced with over 250,000 new views!


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Jun 082014
Liliger Cubs Are The Cute Offspring From A Liger And A Lion

A liger is known in the animal kingdom as the offspring from a lion and a tiger. But here’s when it gets confusing. A liliger is created when a liger and a lion have a baby. Barcroft reports that the first liliger was born in the USA at private zoo in Oklahoma. 


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Jun 072014
Herd Of Baby Goats Running Is The Cutest

Besides for cats, the Internet has a strange affection for goats. And the only thing better than a goat is an adorable baby goat. So it comes as no surprise that this video of a herd of over 40 baby goats running is going viral over the weekend. Just look at those cuties run! Hope Hall owns the Sunflower Farm and is happy to inform viewers that the goats are kept as pets. 


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Jun 072014
Man Saves Drowning Squirrel

This extended clip by Kd7nhm has gone viral with over 350,000 hits! The pool maintenance man arrived at a house to install a pool heater when he heard splashing from the pool. He discovered a cute little squirrel drowning in the water! He quickly scooped the little guy up and started performing soft compressions. Incredibly, he saved the rodent!


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Jun 062014
French Bulldog Puppy Discovers Spring Door Stopper

Everything is new and exciting for an inquisitive puppy. Carlos the curious French Bulldog puppy was simply enthralled when he discovered a spring door stopper. It’s his new favorite toy! This cute video was actually published over a year ago, but it has only gone viral now with over half a million new views!


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