Mar 272015
Man Argues With His Dog After The Dog Stole His Dinner

CERKirby‘s dad and his husky have an adorable relationship. They act like an old married couple. So when the husky stole his dad’s potato skin off his dinner plate, dad reprimanded the pup. But the husky didn’t just take it. He argued back!

Now, this hilarious pet video has gone viral with over 1.25 million views


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Mar 252015
Impatient Dog Blasts The Car Horn

Lost Coast Outpost correspondent Ryan Burns was out and about in Old Town Eureka, California when he heard a car horn blasting for what felt like forever. Upon further investigation, he found an impatient dog left alone in a car that was blasting the car horn

It seems Pavlov’s Dog has learned when you honk the horn, people will come. 


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Mar 252015
Dog Is Adorably Bad At Catching Food

Most dogs are very good at catching things with their mouth, especially when food is tossed to them. But Fritz Dog is adorably awful at the seemingly simple dog trick. This compilation of Fritz failing at catching food over and over is hilarious, and has gone viral with over 1.5 new views! Who’s a good boy??


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Mar 242015
Cat Protects Little Boy From Hot Oven

The Internet has a serious love-hate relationship with cats. On one hand they love them and obsess over them. But on the other, they point out how obnoxious felines can be, like when they push over a glass of water. But this cat is a real hero. 

Watch as the family cat pushes the baby away from the hot oven. Good kitty! This video from last fall has gone viral now with over a quarter million new views


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Mar 232015
Man Interrupts Mating Tortoises

The tortoise is famous as being one of the slowest creatures in the animal kingdom. But just because they’re slow doesn’t make them timid. When explorer Paul Rose from National Geographic interrupted two tortoises mating, the giant male became very upset that the mood was ruined and started chasing Paul away!

What resulted was most definitely the slowest chase ever recorded. Now, this nature video has gone viral with over 2.1 million views!


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