Jun 082015
Boy Is Really Out Of It After Waking Up With An Arm Cast

Little Walker broke his arm in two places after falling off of a rope swing. When he arrived at the emergency room, the doctors sedated him as resetting the bones would be too severe to perform while he was awake. After waking up from his ketamine and Propofol snooze, Walker was naturally a little out of it. Now, this video has gone viral with over 1.5 million views!


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Oct 292014
Girl Really Wants To Be Nicki Minaj After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Like so many people before her, Jayci Stephen was a bit loopy after having her wisdom teeth removed. Naturally, her boyfriend quickly took out his camera to record her silliness. After her procedure, Jayci was very upset. Not about the removal, but because she didn’t look like Nicki Minaj. This outrageous video has gone viral with over 1.7 million hits in just a week. 


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Jan 122014
Girl After Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Hilarious

Lacee Garcia is the latest girl to publish a hilarious post-wisdom teeth surgery video

Naturally, she couldn’t hold back from crying as she explained to the camera how she and her mom planned a trip to Target. 

“Man, my mouth is bloody on the sides. Looks like I ate something, or someone.”

“Ok, I’ll stop crying, I promise,” she said as she burst into tears. 


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Nov 262013
Doctor Lets Kid About To Have Surgery ‘Knock Himself Out’

This video by Patrice Hunt was posted over a year ago, but has only gone viral now with 400,000 new views!

There are countless videos of people acting wacky and silly post-anesthesia, but what about a video before the surgery?

Dallin was about to have knee surgery, and his anesthesiologist allowed him to ‘knock himself out‘ by administering the medication himself. 

Patrice captured the exact moment the sedatives hit Dallin, causing his smile to drop and his eyes to close. 


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Nov 022013
Man Recovering From Anesthesia Gives Office Executive Presentation

Ben Hallert recently had surgery requiring general anesthesia. In the recovery room, his wife captured some video of him waking up from his drug haze like any good spouse would in this new age of YouTube.

Besides for amusingly mumbling, Ben channeled his inner office executive, and gave an epic presentation fit for The Office

“Conclusion: Anesthesia Ben is operating on a very different level of reality than Normal Ben.”


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