Jun 242015
Dock A Boat Like A Boss

There’s a reason they say not only to not drive while intoxicated or impaired, but also to not operate heavy machinery. That includes boats. Now that it’s summer time and boating season is upon us, Norwegian NGO AV-OG-TIL Uten Alkohol made this epic PSA to warn boaters to stay sober while enjoying the water. This video has instantly gone viral with over 1.5 million views in one day!


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Jun 182015
Drunk Raccoon Found In Beer Warehouse

This video by Phillipp Scott doesn’t have much of a back story or explanation, but that doesn’t matter to viewers. What does matter is the cameraman was in some sort of warehouse containing cases and cases of beer and liquor when he found a raccoon slowly stumbling around near a broken box of booze. It only takes a moment for the witnesses to connect the dots and realize that the raccoon was drunk


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Jun 062015
Exes Play Truth Or Drink

Most people do not have a good relationship with their exes. Which isn’t all that surprising, they did breakup after all. Cut Video had the genius idea of gathering a bunch of exes and having them play a fun game of truth or drink. The couples took turns asking each other embarrassing questions that the other could choose to answer honestly or instead take a shot. This video has instantly gone viral this weekend with over 2 million hits already!


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May 262015
Expensive Wine Is For Suckers

We’ve all been there before. We’re at a fancy party or dinner and we are offered an expensive and exclusive wine. But when we taste it we can’t help but admit that it’s really not that good at all. Actually, according to one study, the most expensive wines actually received the lower ratings. Vox explains why expensive wine is for suckers in this viral video


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May 082015
Beer Pouring Robot Is Awesome

True beer drinkers know you can’t just crack open a beer and simply dump it into a glass. There has to be finesse when you carefully fill the glass. The Japanese are known for their attention to detail and that is apparent with this self-dispensing beer machine found at the Kansai International Airport. This older video is trending again now with over 100,000 new views!


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