Apr 092016
Asking People If They Need A Cellphone In 1999

Today, a cellphone has gone from luxury to necessity. Not only do kids insist on having a smart device, but now, many parents agree that they want their kids to be connected online at all times. Only 17 years ago it was much different. 

This older clip of people being asked if they need a cellphone from 1999 has resurfaced. Make sure the ‘CC’ button is on to see the translation of Dutch.


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Mar 212016
If Batman v Superman Came Out in 1995

It’s very easy to find a movie that came out in the 1990’s. Nearly every trailer had the same editing style. And that trailer guy voice. It’s like he was in literally every trailer. In honor of the much anticipated superhero movie, Batman VS. Superman, the movie nerds at Screen Crush made this trailer of what the new film’s trailer would have looked like if it came out in 1995. 


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Jan 272016
Classic Clip Of Vin Diesel Showing Off Street Sharks Toys At Fair

The Internet simply loves finding vintage clips and videos of celebrities before they were famous. Last fall, TV Days posted this classic clip of Vin Diesel showing off some Street Sharks action figures at a 1990’s toy fair. 

So much 90’s! 


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Dec 082015
Crystal Pepsi Is Returning Commercial

Back in the 1990’s everything seemed to be high-tech and updated. The Internet was just getting popular and DVD’s were just about to hit the market. So Crystal Pepsi just made sense. Sadly, it was a pretty sensational flop. 

But Pepsi wants to give it another shot, so they are giving away 6-packs of their signature clear cola to members of their Pepsi Pass loyalty program. To promote the retro soda, they made this commercial in which a janitor accidentally goes to a floor that is stuck in the 90’s. 


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Dec 032015
Kids React To Tamagotchi

Today, kids are lucky enough to have access to incredible computing power. Most kids have an older iPhone or tablet that their parents let them use for all their gaming and video watching. But it was only two decades ago when kids had to have a different toy for each application. Want to play a video game, you need a Game Boy. Want to watch a movie, well you have to wait until dad finished the game on the TV. 

To show the kids of today how lucky they are, The Fine Brothers gave a group of kids some electronic Tamagotchi pets to see what they think of the toys of the 90’s. 


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