Apr 202012

Popular online dancers, NonStop and MariePoppins, were recruited by  to star in their new promotional dance video. 

Appropriately, the makers of robot products like the Roomba and Scooba had the two pros pull off their best robot style popping dance moves. 

But the real questions is, who’s the better dancer? The week old viral commercial already has over 150,000 views, and  is covered by Mashable and ViralVideoChart



    Love Marie Poppins. Marquese is currently the better dancer, but Marie’s definitely got the looks and her skill is awesome and much better than most male dancers. Haven’t seen any females competing with her during the battles in the states or overseas, only males and she usually wins. Love to watch her talent grow over the next few years. Maybe more Marquese and Marie performances in the future.


    Love how the people in the background change during cutaways. Homeys sitting down in back on left during Marie’s performance.